Mamak Risky Area Transformation Project Draw Ceremony was Held

Mamak Risky Area Transformation Project Draw Ceremony was Held
Mamak Risky Area Transformation Project Draw Ceremony was Held

The Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change continues its transformation projects throughout Turkey. Within the scope of the transformation of risky areas in the Mutlu District of Ankara's Mamak district, Prof. Dr. The “Mamak / Mutlu Neighborhood Risky Area Transformation Project Transformation Project Draw Ceremony” was held for 238 residences at the Necmettin Erbakan Conference Hall.

Minister Murat Kurum, who started his speech by expressing his condolences to the citizens who lost their lives in the flood disaster in Ankara, said, “Yesterday, together with our mayors, we examined our areas damaged by the disaster. We quickly completed our damage assessment work in 14 buildings in 106 villages in Altındağ, Çankaya, Haymana, Mamak and Akyurt. Accordingly, we have 3 destroyed buildings, 76 of which were slightly damaged, and 27 heavily damaged buildings were identified. May our Ankara brothers and sisters rest in peace. We will band together the wounds of all our citizens affected by the flood. Lord our nation; May it protect and protect us against such disasters that burn our hearts.” said.

Speaking within the scope of the urban transformation project initiated in the Mamak-Mutlu Neighborhood Risky Area, the Minister Kurum said, “Today, we present to our beneficiaries our 238 new homes that we have built in the Altiagac-Karaagac Neighborhood Reserve Area; We deliver by drawing our lots. Good luck for our new homes, our shops, green areas, parks, roads that will be the gates of fertile sustenance, for our Mama, for our World Capital Ankara.” said.

Stating that they completed the houses quickly despite the inflation problem experienced all over the world and they did not reflect the price increases to the citizens in any way, the Institution said, “The subsidy and support of our state was around 60 percent at first, today it has increased to 80 percent. Good luck to Mamak, Mamak is worth everything. May these guests be good for Mamak in advance.” he stated.

Loving a city is falling in love with that city.

As the old saying goes, “To love a city is to have a heart for that city.” Continuing his statements by saying, the Institution continued its words as follows.

“For our 81 provinces, we are working with all our strength, together with our team, our deputies and our presidents, with the understanding of "the one who serves finds dignity". With the slogan of “Safe Housing, Peaceful Homes”, we continue our transformation efforts in Ankara as well. We have transformed thousands of unhealthy buildings in all districts of Ankara, and we continue to do so.

While rebuilding our Butchers Bazaar, which was damaged in the fire in Kızılcahamam in our capital, in accordance with the local texture; On the other hand, we are building our new residences and shops in Altındağ Cinderesi, Aktaş and Fire Department.

While our efforts to transform the Açelya Apartment in Çankaya, which is in danger of collapse, and all the risky buildings around it, continue rapidly, on the other hand, we are building hundreds of new homes in Sincan Saraycık.

Our Saraçoğlu Project, which will add value to Kızılay and its surroundings, in the most central location of Ankara, has come to the completion stage. Hopefully, we will complete it this year and put it at the service of our fellow citizens of Ankara. So far, we have initiated an urban transformation project of 65 thousand residences in our Capital, mainly in Altındağ, Mamak, Kuzey Ankara, Sincan and Yenimahalle. In this context, we agreed with our citizens and completed the construction of approximately 40 thousand residences and 400 workplaces.”

We delivered 14.573 residences to our citizens in Mamak

Stating that the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to serving food is urban transformation, the Minister Kurum stated that they have drawn the lots for 548 new houses in the Dutluk Mahallesi Urban Transformation Project, which constitutes the most important step of the New Mamak Transformation, on March 19, and delivered them to the beneficiaries.

In the projects carried out by TOKİ before; Noting that approximately 90 thousand houses were tendered throughout Ankara, 84 thousand of them were delivered, the Institution said, “In Mamak Yatikmusluk; In Altınağaç, Karaağaç, Hüseyingazi; In Anayurt and Gülseren; We delivered a total of 7 residences, 14.573 thousand of which are urban transformation, to our citizens. We have now reached the final stage in the construction of 1.396 houses. Here it is today; Among the reserve residences we have completed in Altıağaç and Karaağaç, to be given to our beneficiaries in the Mutlu Neighborhood Risky Area; We are drawing lots and starting the delivery of our 238 new homes.” said.

We have two more good news for the residents of Mutlu neighborhood.

Emphasizing that they have two more good news for the residents of the Mutlu neighborhood, the Minister Kurum said, "Firstly, our talks with our citizens continue in our neighborhood. To our citizens with whom we have an agreement; We will continue to deliver the new residences we have reserved in our reserve area. The second is; We will build 464 residences and 8 shops in the old part of the Mutlu neighborhood. Our project is ready. We will make our tender as soon as possible. In addition, we are nearing the end of the construction of a total of 519 new homes in Anayurt and Gülseren. We will deliver them to our rightful citizens as soon as possible. Hopefully, we will meet with the people of Mamak tomorrow, as we did today, and we will experience the same excitement again. Thus, a total of 15.696 residences in Mamak with their equipment, parks and gardens kazanwe will have risen. Once again our new homes; Good luck for our Ankara, our brothers from Mamak, and our citizens with rights.” said.

Emphasizing that the number of national gardens built in Mamak is increasing day by day, the Minister Kurum stated that they put 23 of the 8 national gardens built in Ankara into the service of the people of Mamak.

The institution said, “500 national gardens with a total size of approximately 3 thousand square meters in our store. kazanWe promised you that we will go. We put our Üreğil National Garden at your service. We are starting the construction of our Altınağaç Nation Garden. Again, we continue the construction of our Imrahor folk garden at full speed. In addition to this, we hope to finish our youth center and mosque in our Mamak Dutluk Neighborhood next year. With the help of our Iller Bank; We have come to the end of the construction of our Mutlu Ege Sports Complex. Hopefully, we will put it at the service of you, our youth and children as soon as possible. Good luck in advance.” he said.

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