2022 Istanbul Airport Parking Fees How Much, How Many Liras?

How Much Is Istanbul Airport Parking Fees?
2022 Istanbul Airport Parking Fees How Much, How Many Liras

The impressive Istanbul Grand Airport (IGA) offers top-rated parking services. State-of-the-art Istanbul airport parking facilities are located in a convenient location to meet the needs of passengers perfectly. The airport car park, which is divided into 5 blocks, has a parking space for 18.000 vehicles, and there is a total of 5 parking spaces, including the terrace floors of 40.000 parking lots and open car parks. The five park buildings are named after the colors. Green Car Park, Blue Car Park, Turquoise Car Park and Red Car Park have 7 floors and Yellow Car Park has 3 floors.

Istanbul airport offers both short-term services and long-term parking options (up to 30 days). Therefore, you can subscribe to receive a 4, 6, 15 or 30 day parking service and be assured that your vehicle will be safe. In addition, disabled individuals can use the car park free of charge for up to 15 days, but they must be in the vehicle in person and submit the necessary documents in person. Finally, it is unfortunately not possible to pre-book a parking space at this time.

Istanbul Airport Parking Fees

Istanbul airport fees vary according to the parking lot. For this reason, if you park your car in the multi-storey car park, a different price is applied, if you park in the open car park, a different price is applied. You should also be aware that at the moment it is unfortunately not possible to pre-book a parking space.

You can find the list of Istanbul Airport Parking Fees below:

Istanbul Airport Parking Fees

How much is Istanbul Airport parking fee?

Istanbul Airport Multi-Storey Parking Fees

How much is Istanbul Airport Multi-Storey Parking Lot?

Istanbul Airport parking fees vary between 16 and 21 TL per hour, and between 44 TL and 63 TL per day.

Istanbul Airport monthly parking fee is 444 TL.

Istanbul Airport Parking Payment Methods

You can pay the parking fee with cash or credit card. You will find designated payment devices and parking meters on the P3 floor of the Red and Green Parking Lot. In addition, automatic devices are at your service on the L08 axis, inside the elevators, next to the walkway, on the P5 floor, at the exits of P2 and outside the elevators on the P6 terrace.

However, if you want to subscribe to the short or long-term (4-7-15 days) parking service, you can only pay with a credit card at the information desks of the Green and Red Parking Lot or one of the automatic devices located in different places in the parking lot. Please note that the subscription process must take place within 1 hour of your entrance to the airport parking lot, and the monthly subscription (30 days) can only be made at the information desks.

Istanbul Airport Parking Services

Istanbul New Airport Car Park features advanced technology and offers excellent, high-end parking services.

  • Valet service at Istanbul airport is at your service for an extra fee of 35₺ (3.5€ / 4.12$). It may be helpful to know that there are 3 valet points at the departure level: one for domestic flights (P3 floor of the green car park), another for international flights (P3 red car park) and the third for CIP. You'll also find two more pick-up locations between the Plaza Area and the Car Park.
  • Car wash (Car Park R Floor) and tire changing services are also provided.
  • Refueling and state-of-the-art repair/maintenance services (Car Park R Floor) are also provided.
  • It is guaranteed that your vehicle will be in maximum safety and that the parking area will be monitored by cameras 7/24.
  • Useful Apps maximize your parking experience: The “Where's My Car” App locates your vehicle's exact location, the “My Vehicle Route” App significantly reduces the time it takes to get to your vehicle, while the “Vehicle Guidance System” speeds up and simplifies the parking process.

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