How CZN Burak Got Rich?

Where is CZN Burak Branches What Does CZN Mean?
Where are CZN Burak Branches What does CZN mean?

How did CZN Burak get so rich? In this news, we will also try to answer your questions about CZN Burak. CZN Burak, whose real name is Burak Özdemir, who has always been curious with his interesting story from Hatay to Istanbul, announced that the partner of the restaurant he will open in London is the world-famous name Cristiano Ronaldo. . After this development, CZN Burak's life became a subject of curiosity again.

CZN Burak, who made CZN by shortening his father's textile brand Cinzano in Hatay and entered the kitchen in his grandfather's restaurant for the first time, is among the few rich people. CZN Burak, whose wealth is in the languages, has now partnered with Ronaldo!

What is CZN Burak's real name?

CNZ Burak real name Burak Özdemir, 29 years old CZN Burak was originally born in Hatay Yayladağı. Single CZN Burak lives in Hatay!

CZN Burak's mother is Didem Bozbura and his father is İsmail Özdemir.

How CZN Burak Got Rich?

CZN Burak, who started his culinary adventure in his grandfather's restaurant in Hatay for the first time, offers its guests from all over the world to taste its delicacies at Hatay Medeniler Sofrası in Istanbul Etiler. CZN Burak or his real name Burak Özdemir was born on March 24, 1994. CZN Burak or real name Burak Özdemir Turkish chef and restaurateur, internet phenomenon. He was born in Istanbul. He is originally from the village of Hatay Yayladağı Yoncakaya. He is the owner of the restaurant chain called Hatay Medeniyetler Sofrası.

He is the owner of the restaurant chain called Hatay Medeniyetler Sofrası. He became known as "Smiley bae" and became an internet celebrity by publishing his cooking shows on social media platforms, where he made the dishes of Arabian and Anatolian Cuisine smiling to the camera.

CZN Who is Burak Where is he originally from? How old is he?
Who is CZN Burak, Where is he originally from, How old is he?

With the support of his father, who is the owner of a textile company, he opened a kebab shop called Hatay Medeniyetler Lokantası in Aksaray in 2009. Within a few years, they opened different branches and established a restaurant chain. Burak Özdemir became famous with the food videos he shared on social media.

CZN Stated About Burak's Health Status
CZN Burak Stated About His Health Status

What does CZN mean? In an interview, Burak Özdemir expressed the emergence of the nickname CZN with these words: My father had a textile company called Cinzano in Laleli. Our Russian guests couldn't say 'Cinzano', they always said 'Cezene' because their tongues did not translate. I was naughty at the time, working elsewhere. 'You're a rich kid, what have you got to do with it?' Some even said. I was working in a clothing company in Osmanbey. Five times a day, I was picking up the goods from the warehouse and leaving them to Taksim and Osmanbey with a wheelbarrow. I was saying, 'Call me 'your punishment'. CZN is an abbreviation for punishment.

How is CZN Burak's Health Status?

CZN Burak, who had a small operation, is now quite well and continues to live a normal life.

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