Freight Train Wagon Overturned in Yozgat; Flights Disrupted

Yozgatta Freight Train Wagon Overturned Expeditions Disrupted
Freight Train Wagon Overturned in Yozgat; Flights Disrupted

Ankara-Kayseri railway was closed to transportation as a result of the freight train wagon derailed and overturned in Yozgat. The passengers of the Ankara-Diyarbakır expedition, brought to Kayseri by buses, were sent to the cities they will go to with additional flights.

The train line was closed as a result of the overturning of one of the wagons at the entrance of the district of Şefaatli at around 16.40 hours of the freight train that made the Kayseri-Yeşilhisar / Karabük expedition and carried iron mines. There was no injury or loss of life in the incident. Passengers of the Ankara-Diyarbakır expedition had to wait due to the accident. Yozgat Governor Ziya Polat, who came to the crash site, wished the passengers waiting for the train to get well soon.

Governor Polat, meeting with the passengers going from Ankara to Diyarbakır and staying on the road as a result of the closure of the train line, said that as a result of the work of the teams, the train line will be opened and the grievances of the passengers will be eliminated as soon as possible. Passengers who could not continue on their way due to the road closed to transportation were sent to Kayseri by buses. Approximately 290 passengers were sent to their hometowns by the passenger train prepared in Kayseri.

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