Financial Advisors Provide Solutions to Problems with Professional Collaboration

Financial Advisors Produce Solutions to Problems with Professional Collaboration
Financial Advisors Provide Solutions to Problems with Professional Collaboration

📩 30/06/2022 12:56

Ertuğrul Davudoğlu, President of İzmir Chamber of Certified Public Accountants, said that they have implemented a participatory management approach with the awareness of professional solidarity in order to be beneficial to the members of the chamber.

Davudoğlu stated that they submitted the reports they prepared to find solutions by closely following the problems of their colleagues to the Ministry of Finance and relevant authorities through their parent institution, TÜRMOB.

Stating that İzmir Chamber of Certified Public Accountants has 8 chamber members in total in İzmir center and its districts, President Ertuğrul Davudoğlu underlined that they set out for the development of the industry and colleagues, away from politics and individual interests, with the understanding of 'people first, then colleagues'. .


Expressing that high inflation has negatively affected many sectors as well as independent accountants and financial advisors, Davudoğlu said, “The fee schedule to be applied for 2022 was prepared according to the conditions of the day and was announced by the Ministry of Finance in December 2021. The fee schedule was increased by 25% compared to the previous year and was implemented in 2022. However, at the point reached today, considering the economic situation of the country and the inflation rate announced as of the end of May 2022, which is 73,50%, and the price increases in the purchase of goods and services, it has become impossible for the members of the profession to support their offices and their families with the tariff to be applied.

Pointing out that independent accountants and financial advisors have become victims of the increase in inflation and the resulting destruction, President Ertuğrul Davudoğlu continued his words as follows: They could not afford rent, electricity, water, transportation, personnel, stationery, cargo, food, cleaning and similar expenses. In order to immediately rectify this situation, which has become a threat to the existence of accounting and financial consultancy offices, the fee schedule should be rearranged according to the conditions of the day.


President Ertuğrul Davudoğlu, who also explained the solution proposals for the problems they experienced in the titles such as tax, fee schedule and equality in representation, said: “The VAT burden of the professionals should be reduced and at least the VAT rate should be reduced from 18% to 8%. All kinds of expenses incurred by our professionals in relation to their work should be acceptable. Income – VAT laws contradiction, which has become a major problem in the collection and payment of our professionals, should be eliminated. This problem can be easily solved by adding the clause 'the taxable event in self-employment activities is the time when the collection is made' to the 10th article of the VAT Law for financial advisors who have brain power and only make a living with it. The fee schedule should be reduced to one. Separately published fee schedules create confusion and complicate the applicability. The fee schedule should be submitted to TÜRMOB by our professional chambers in 81 provinces and published by TÜRMOB. Solving the representation problem in TÜRMOB has now become inevitable. 5/4 representation here is an anti-democratic situation. For these and similar situations, our law no. 3568 should be updated in accordance with the conditions of the day.

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