The New Address of Open Air Concerts, 'Festival Park' Kadıköy' Opening Its Doors

The New Address of Open Air Concerts 'Festival Park Kadikoy Opens Its Doors'
The New Address of Open Air Concerts, 'Festival Park' Kadıköy' Opening Its Doors

Istanbul is a brand new art scene that will host impressive performances and unforgettable concerts. kazanhe's eating. 'Festival Park', which is getting ready to open its doors with Anatolian Sessions and Gaye Su Akyol concerts on June 6th. Kadıköy' will bring together valuable names with Istanbulites for three days free of charge.

Istanbul meets with a brand new outdoor event venue. 'Festival Park' located in the heart of the city Kadıköy'; To celebrate the music, culture and arts, Istanbul and life, one of the affiliates of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (İBB), Kültür AŞ, was presented to Istanbulites. kazanbeing yelled. Festival Park, which reflects the dynamism and excitement of the city, was designed to host different branches of art. Kadıköywill be the scene of cultural and artistic activities throughout the summer. It will also provide a new experience to Istanbulites with its food and beverage areas and design shops.


Festival Park Kadıköywill bring together valuable names from each other with Istanbulites with free concerts within the scope of the opening. The first guests of the stage will be Anatolian Sessions and Gaye Su Akyol on June 6th. To enter the event, it will be sufficient to register via the 'Radar Istanbul' mobile application. Registration will begin on June 5th.

The second day of the opening concerts will continue on June 7 with Forbidden Halva, which takes the stage at the most important music festivals in Europe, and Baba Zula, one of the unique ensembles of Turkish psychedelic music. On the third and last day of the concerts, Soft Analog, one of the new generation performers of alternative pop, and Papooz, one of the stars of the French music scene, will give a concert at the new stage of Istanbul.

Kadıköy Festival Park located in Burun KadıköyWith an area of ​​8 thousand 500 square meters, it will provide unforgettable experiences to 10 thousand people. Prepared to host concerts and festivals throughout the summer, 'Festival Park' Kadıköy' will be one of the most admired cultural and artistic living spaces in Istanbul.

Opening Program:

Monday, June 6

18.00 Door Opening

19.30 Anatolian Sessions

21.00 Gaye Su Akyol

Tuesday, June 7

18.00 Door Opening

19.30 Forbidden Halva

21.00 Baba Zula

Wednesday, June 8

18.00 Door Opening

19.30 Soft Analogue

21.00 Papooz

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