Fengtai Train Station Opened After 4 Years of Restoration

Fengtai Train Station Opened After Annual Restoration
Fengtai Train Station Opened After 4 Years of Restoration

Fengtai Railway Station, Beijing's oldest railway station, resumed service on June 20 after four years of restoration.

Green understanding and energy saving principle were emphasized in the design, construction and operation planning of Beijing Fengtai Railway Station, the largest railway hub in Asia. Fengtai Railway Station's 495-meter-long central skylight can provide comfortable daylight as passengers wait for their train after entering the station.

The skylight structure, which can adjust the degree of daylight, can also help to maintain a constant temperature and efficient ventilation within the station.

More than 950 tons of carbon emissions can be reduced thanks to more than 200 light-conducting pipes, which can save 900 thousand kilowatt-hours of electricity per year.

During the construction of the steel columns for the platforms, approximately 4 tons of steel was saved and 700 tons of carbon dioxide emissions were reduced.

Many parts of the station's surface are decorated with recyclable ceramic plates.

High technologies have been applied to make the station smarter, safer and more efficient.

The rebuilt station has a gross floor area of ​​approximately 400 thousand square meters, 32 railway lines and 32 platforms. It will be able to accommodate a maximum of 14 thousand passengers per hour.

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