Energy Link from İzmir to Adana

Energy Bond from Izmir to Adana
Energy Link from İzmir to Adana

Founded to meet the energy needs of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and its companies from renewable energy sources, İZENERJİ company, within the body of İZENERJİ, started to supply energy to Adana Metropolitan Municipality Water and Sewerage Administration.

The model implemented by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality to save on electricity costs due to the price hikes and the economic crisis has also extended to Adana. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality reached an agreement with Adana Metropolitan Municipality on energy supply. İzmir Electricity Supply Joint Stock Company (İZETAŞ), which secures the energy supply supply of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and protects all institutions from fluctuations in the energy market and prices, and high costs, will also apply to Adana Metropolitan Municipality Water and Sewerage Administration (Adana ASKİ) as of 1 June. ) started energy supply. In the first phase, the energy supply covers the months of June and July. ADANA ASKİ, which consumes approximately 5 million kilowatt-hours of energy in two months, will save 500 thousand liras during this period.

297 million lira savings in one year with İZETAS

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which consumes a total of 750 million kilowatt-hours of electricity annually, aims to save 297 million liras in a year with İZETAS.

In order to meet the electricity needs of the buildings belonging to the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and the companies of the municipality from renewable energy sources, IZETAŞ was established within the body of İZENERJİ and a contract was signed between IZETAŞ and Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, ESHOT, İZSU and 12 companies.

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