Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Technologies Panel was Held in Malatya

Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Technologies Panel was Held in Malatya
Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Technologies Panel was Held in Malatya

Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Selahattin Gürkan participated in the 'Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Technologies' panel organized by the Metropolitan Municipality Department of Culture and Social Affairs and Kültür A.

The panel was moderated by Strategy and Research Director Emin Emrah Danış, TEHAD Founding Chairman Berkan Bayram, MADER Chairman of the Board Bülent Önal, Akcan Holding Deputy Chairman Özcan Akcan, Aspilsan-Embedded Software Engineer Muhammed Tarık Yıldız and Voltrun Corporate Sales Manager Urcan Taylan as speakers. joined.

In the Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Technologies panel, attention was drawn to today's technologies and the importance of clean energy use.

Gürkan, “The development of technology has brought global warming, climate change and drought”

Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Selahattin Gürkan stated that with fossil fuels damaging the environment and the last stage of resources has led the world to new resources, “Global warming, climate change and drought have come along with the development of technology in our developing world. As the mystery of creation, while the world of plants and animals abide by their own rights and laws, global warming, climate change, drought, deterioration of ecological balance, increase in carbon gas emissions into the atmosphere, and the natural events that we experience bring us to our senses. . Protection of the environment in the world, zero waste, etc. Due to the excessive signaling of this danger with environmentalist studies, the whole world had to show the necessary sensitivity to this issue. On the other hand, the fact that they are at the last stage in terms of both environmental damage and resource consumption, which we call fossil fuels, has entered the process of leading us, along with the world, to the search for new energy sources.

Gürkan, “Our electric vehicle TOGG will hopefully be put on the road in 2023”

Stating that the decision was taken to end the sales of new cars with fossil fuels in the European Union in 2035, President Gürkan said, “I hope that in 2023, electric vehicles will be put on the road in the 100th anniversary of our Republic, especially regarding TOGG, which is carried out under the leadership of our Ministry of Industry and Technology, and in the sense of hybrid vehicles. Vehicles using fossil fuels will be banned after 2035, within the scope of the decisions taken in the world. This means that we need to fulfill our infrastructures as soon as possible in the remaining 12 years. All sectors that do not keep up with change and transformation have to retreat and then close. I am of the opinion that especially the panel made is important for fuel oil producers, on the other hand, for vehicle parts production and for people who are sensitive to the environment.”

Gürkan, “We are the municipality that creates the most green areas in terms of municipalities”

Stating that as Malatya Metropolitan Municipality, they are working hard in terms of being sensitive to the environment and in terms of environmental sensitivity, Mayor Gürkan said, “Today, Malatya Metropolitan Municipality is the municipality that created the most green areas in terms of municipalities in Turkey. After he took office, 4 million m2 of new green space was created. Green areas are the lungs of that city. If a person's lungs are weak, just as people have difficulty in breathing, and if the city's lungs are weakened, that city will start to stall. The efforts of our relevant ministries and our government to prevent pollution of the environment, which we call zero waste, and to eliminate or reduce carbon emissions, are commendable. It is important for Turkey that the esteemed spouses of our President, Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Lady Emine Erdoğan, sign projects that will attract the attention of our nation, especially in the field of zero waste, and lead the way and act as a locomotive. I would like to express that we, as the metropolitan municipality, put a great test on zero waste. While establishing solar power plants, which we call GES, on the one hand, and establishing HEPP on the other, we are making an intense effort to separate solid wastes and produce electricity with methane gas, as well as to generate electricity by burning. I would like to thank our relevant department, our general directorate and our stakeholders at the panel held in the current sense.”

Günceleme: 10/06/2022 10:32

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