EGİAD and BAGİAD Will Unite Two Cities in Joint Projects

EGIAD and BAGIAD Will Unite Two Cities in Joint Projects
EGİAD and BAGİAD Will Unite Two Cities in Joint Projects

Balıkesir Young Businessmen Association (BAGİAD) Chairman of the Board Emrah Bilcanlı and the accompanying BAGİAD Delegation, within the scope of their Izmir contacts EGİAD He came together with the Aegean Young Businessmen Association. The visit hosted by the Chairman of the Board of Directors Alp Avni Yelkenbiçer took place at the Association Headquarters.

EGİAD projects, EGİAD During the visit, where the angels and activities on Sustainability and Digitalization, which are among the most important discourses of this period, were evaluated, BAGİAD President Emrah Bilcanlı and Board Members Tansu Işıklar, Emre Bekki, Murat Şenkula, İbrahim Onur, Ahmet Acaroğulları, Burak Yayın, Burak Biçer, Hakan Sancaklı, Suat Şimşir, Doğan Erdoğmuş and Project Coordinator Ramazan Kırmızı participated. to the event EGİAD Chairman of the Board Alp Avni Yelkenbiçer, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors Cem Demirci and Members of the Board of Directors Müge Şahin, Mert Hacıraifoğlu, Arda Yılmaz, EGİAD Members Hakan Barbak, Business Development Commission Chairman Yaman Duman, Şemal Yeşil, Industry Commission Deputy Chairman Remzi Uslu hosted.

Making the opening speech EGİAD President Alp Avni Yelkenbiçer gave information about entrepreneurship and angel investment projects. Yelkenbiçer, who also stated that they carry out activities to increase the exports of the members in international relations, said, “Green Transformation and Sustainability continues as our term theme. We also attach great importance to New Technology projects and studies for the Z generation. We would love to realize a joint project with Balıkesir.”

BAGİAD President Emrah Bilcanlı, who gave information about BAGİAD's activities and ongoing projects, EGİAD Expressing his pleasure to meet in joint projects with EGYPT, he said, “As Balıkesir Business World, we always carry out joint works due to EGIFED. We are happy to work together on Entrepreneurship and Sustainability. We would definitely like to meet in a joint fund project.” said.

Drawing attention to the importance of unity and solidarity, it was emphasized that they agreed on maintaining social relations and that they could take part in all projects that could benefit İzmir and Balıkesir in every way. The visit ended with the satisfaction and mutual good wishes and wishes.

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