Dacia's New Visual Identity Extends to the Entire Product Range

Dacia's New Visual Identity Extends to the Entire Product Range
Dacia's New Visual Identity Extends to the Entire Product Range

Dacia reflects its new brand identity to its entire product range, preserving its basic design elements. The new Dacia logo and new colors appear on all Dacia models.

Vehicles with a new brand identity are planned to be presented to users at the end of the year. More than just a design change, this innovation builds on the strong values ​​behind Dacia's success story and embodies the brand's vision for the future.

The new logo is the strongest feature of the new identity

The new Dacia logo, which has been redesigned and will now be used in white, is located in the middle of the front grille and represents the strongest feature of the brand's new identity.

The letters 'D' and 'C', interlocking with minimalist lines like the links of a chain, reflect the strong and simple approach of the new design, creating a completely new logo. The new design creates a brand image that is instantly recognizable and easily recognizable both from up close and from afar. The new logo is also located in the middle of each hub.

The new Dacia lettering is used on the rear panel and steering wheel of every model. Minimal in design by design, each letter is elegantly separated from each other without breaking the integrity.

Other important changes in terms of exterior design; "Monolith Gray" colored side mirrors in Sandero Stepway and Duster models and Monolith Gray roof rails on all models stand out as front and rear bumper protection coatings.

Dacia CEO Denis Le Vot stated that the launch of the Dacia product range with its new brand identity is based on a strategy that started more than a year ago; “Simplicity, robustness and originality, which are our brand values, harmonize with our new brand identity in a more assertive and modern way. This change stands out as a new impetus for Dacia to achieve its goals.”

Same DNA, New Momentum

Dacia, which will add two new models to its expanding product range in the coming period, will completely renew its product range with the 100% electric Spring and the versatile C segment family car, the Jogger. With the launch of the new brand identity, the renewal process of the brand reaches its peak. Changing everything from top to bottom, Dacia remains true to the essence of the brand.

The main principle of the brand is to produce vehicles that meet the expectations of customers, but focus only on what is necessary. First of all, Dacia models stand out with their robust, reliable and versatile features. Inspired by nature with its new brand identity, Dacia offers the color "Khaki" for the first time and underlines its close ties with nature.

Dacia is acting especially to produce smart solutions and to bring innovative thinking approaches to automotive. This means phasing out the use of materials such as chrome plating and natural leather.

Dacia will gradually implement one of the commitments made at the Group's Annual General Meeting on April 23, 2021, making it the first brand within the group to limit all its vehicles to a maximum speed of 2023 km/h from 180.

Dacia Product Performance Director Lionel Jaillet emphasized that although Dacia has gained a completely new brand identity, it still maintains the same DNA: “Our teams have done a great job applying the new brand identity to the entire Dacia product range. This change is a good opportunity to show that our car designs are still relevant and attractive.

Along with its brand identity, Dacia also changes over time. Our brand takes a rational approach to accessible and environmentally friendly cars and produces versatile and robust cars with equipment tailored to the needs. Our new brand identity gives these messages and makes the brand even more attractive,'' he said.

“Inspired by the mechanical world, the new Dacia logo symbolizes simplicity and robustness, but also represents the strong bond of the Dacia community,” said David Durand, Dacia Design Director.

Entire Product Range Renewed at the Same Time

This is probably a first in the automotive industry. Dacia is simultaneously launching its new brand identity across its entire product range.

Vehicles with the new brand identity will be exhibited at the Paris Motor Show in October 2022, after which they will meet with users.

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