Çukurova Smart Trainings Continue

Cukurova Smart Trainings Continue
Çukurova Smart Trainings Continue

Çukurova Isı, the leading brand of the Radiant Heating sector, aims to meet customer demands with a higher performance with the "Çukurova Smart Trainings" it organizes for its dealers and authorized services.

Çukurova Isı continues to organize trainings for its dealers and authorized services across the country in order to increase the problem-solving speed of its services and to ensure that the “Çukurova Smart” software, which it has developed and commissioned in order to provide a unique experience to its customers, is used more efficiently.

Tuba Vardan, Çukurova Isı IT and Data Officer, and Şener Özülkü, After-Sales Services Manager, in the applied trainings given at the Çukurova Isı Gebze factory; Information on accessing customer information, customer service history, warranty periods, product and spare parts information, filling out a fault form in five steps and tracking the warranty, in-dealer messaging, surveys and reporting were shared.

Saying "We aim to provide uninterrupted service to our customers by providing mobile support to our authorized services with Çukurova Smart software", Tuba Vardan said, "Çukurova Smart" program, which is designed to meet the requirements of modern information technologies and has a user-friendly interface, "servis.cukurovaisi.com". via the address; It can be accessed from desktop computers or laptops, as well as from mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, from anywhere with internet access.

Emphasizing that Çukurova Smart is also an interactive guide for authorized services, Tuba Vardan, through the program; He stated that access to the 'information library', which includes parts and labor prices for all product groups, technical information, brochures, videos and product trainings, can be provided.

Şener Özülkü, stating that Çukurova Isı aims to provide perfect customer satisfaction with its widespread service network throughout the country, said: By increasing the problem solving speed of our services with the “Çukurova Smart” software, meeting customer demands with a higher performance, thus providing our customers with a unique experience and improving our service quality to a higher level. We aim to bring it to the point," he said.

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