Complaint to Judge for Disgraceful Behavior Against Lawyer

Criminal Notice to Judge for Disgraceful Behavior Against Lawyer
Complaint to Judge for Disgraceful Behavior Against Lawyer

Urfa Bar Association Lawyer Rights Center filed a criminal complaint against the judge of the Urfa 2nd Enforcement Law Court, who acted dishonorably against the lawyer.

Speaking in front of the Şanlıurfa Courthouse, Şanlıurfa Bar Association Lawyer Rights Center Secretary Hacer Perihan Demirel described the situation a lawyer was exposed to on 21 June:

“Our colleague was present at the courthouse to attend the hearing on behalf of the institution he is his attorney. Since the hearing was not held in the courtroom, but in a crowded place such as the court office, he entered the room by greeting the judges and clerks in the court office. After the hearing started, when our colleague started to express his statements about the file, the court judge used meaningless and disrespectful statements like "What are you saying, are you in the cafe, I've already been appointed to the Regional Court of Justice, I'm getting rid of the lawyers, pray this is like a court". ”

One-sided claim

Demirel pointed out that the minutes of the hearing were also prepared in a one-sided and untrue manner inconsistent with the dignity of the profession. While the same judge was at the Ankara Labor Court in 2018, he attacked the President of the Ankara Bar Association and our colleagues. Since the day he took office in Şanlıurfa, many of our colleagues and trainee lawyers have experienced similar problems. A trainee threatened to burn his internship because he did not like the tie of our friend.

“We will not accept”

Demirel said that complaints were made to the Council of Judges and Prosecutors (HSK) many times about the judge, and said:

“While we are waiting for the HSK to initiate an investigation regarding the relevant judge, we have learned with regret that an award-like appointment was made with the summer decree of 2022 and that he was assigned to the Regional Court of Justice. We would like to point out here that as lawyers, we are not a means of satisfying the ego of any member of the judiciary. We declare that we will not accept the disrespect of neither the profession nor the colleague, neither the judge in the incident, nor any other judicial body.

We will not be silent

Demanding the dismissal of the judge in question, Demirel finally noted the following:

“We believe that the three pillars of the judiciary should work in harmony. As lawyers, we support the judges in this regard, but we also get support from them many times. However, we want it to be known that we cannot remain silent about such unseemly situations. We believe that no member of the judiciary should be carried away by their feelings or be influenced by their personal views and prejudices.”

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