Closure Guaranteed for Atatürk Airport

When Was Ataturk Airport Built? What Was Its Old Name? Why Is It Being Destroyed?
Ataturk Airport

About 2 months before the Istanbul Airport tender, DHMI awarded the tender. kazanIt turned out that the company was given a guarantee that there would be no scheduled flights from Atatürk Airport.

While the demolition works for the transformation of Atatürk Airport into the 'Nation's Garden' continue, two guarantees given to the contractors before the Istanbul Airport tender were presented to the public.

SözcüAccording to the news of İsmail Şahin; Two months before the Istanbul Airport tender held on May 3, 2013, the tender was awarded to the State Airports Authority (DHMI). kazanIn the correspondence between the companies, it was clearly recorded that Atatürk Airport would be closed to scheduled flights.

In the document signed by DHMI General Manager Orhan Birdal and his assistant Mehmet Ateş, a number of questions posed to the administration are answered with the title of 'Istanbul New Airport Project Tender (Addendum)'. The Administration uses the following expressions in its answer to question number 8: “A new airport cannot be planned for Istanbul during the 25-year operational period, and there will be no scheduled flights from Atatürk Airport.”

In the reply, it is noted that the General Aviation Terminal, where private planes are located, will continue to operate. In addition, it is stated that maintenance and repair hangars and cargo activities will continue upon the request of the relevant companies.

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