Akın from CHP: 'The Government Should Cut Taxes on Fuel Immediately'

Akin from CHP, Power should cut taxes on fuel immediately
CHP's Akın 'The Government Should Immediately Reduce Taxes on Fuel'

CHP Deputy Chairman Ahmet Akın pointed out that the increase in fuel prices in the last two months will cause difficulties for citizens who want to travel in the upcoming Eid al-Adha. Akın noted that bus ticket prices have increased by up to 65 percent in the two-month period that has passed since the Eid al-Fitr. “It has become impossible for families with minimum wage to go to their hometowns during the feast. The government should immediately cut taxes on fuel in order to relieve our citizens, and all toll highways and bridges should be free during the holiday," he said.

Akın from CHP said that citizens who want to spend the holiday in their hometown are thinking about the increase in bus ticket prices about 2 weeks before the holiday. Noting that bus ticket prices increased by 30 to 60 percent compared to the Ramadan Feast period about two months ago, Akın shared the following information about the price change:

60 percent increase on the busiest routes

Istanbul-Ankara bus ticket prices, which were 250 liras on average before the Ramadan Feast, have increased to almost 400 liras as of today. Istanbul-Ankara bus ticket price, which is one of the busiest routes in Turkey, has increased by 60 percent. Similarly, the ticket price between Istanbul and Izmir increased by 300 percent from 500 lira to 65 lira in two months.

Istanbul-Sivas tickets increased by 45 percent

The average bus ticket price between Istanbul and Sivas, which was 380 liras before the Ramadan Feast in April, has increased to 550 liras as of today before the Eid al-Adha. In other words, the cost of the Istanbul-Sivas journey has increased by approximately 45 percent. While the average Istanbul Trabzon bus ticket price was 450 lira two months ago, it has increased to 620 lira as of today. Accordingly, the cost of the Istanbul-Trabzon journey increased by 38 percent.

Istanbul-Adana tickets increased by 38 percent

While the average bus ticket prices for the Istanbul-Adana journey before the Ramadan Feast are 400 TL; As of today, the ticket prices of the same route are approximately 550 liras. Accordingly, the cost of the Istanbul-Adana journey has increased by about 38 percent. The price of the bus ticket purchased for the Istanbul-Diyarbakır journey, which was an average of 500 lira in April, has increased to approximately 700 lira as of today. Accordingly, the cost of the Istanbul Diyarbakir journey increased by 40 percent.

Gasoline increased by 45 percent and diesel increased by 40 percent in two months.

Gasoline, which was 19 liras and 10 kurus per liter before Eid al-Fitr, increased by 45 percent to 27 liras and 70 kurus. Diesel, which was 21 liras and 35 cents per liter at the beginning of April, increased by 40 percent to 30 liras and 11 cents. The cost of a 50-liter tank of gasoline increased from 955 lira to 385 lira, and increased by 430 lira. The cost of a warehouse diesel increased by 65 liras, from 505 liras to 440 liras.

YHT expeditions increased by 65%

High-speed train (YHT) services were increased by 10 percent in March and 15 percent in April before the Ramadan Feast. YHT flight ticket prices were last increased by 30 percent in June. The total rate of hikes in a short time reached 65 percent. Accordingly, the ticket price of the Istanbul-Ankara voyage increased to 195 liras; The ticket price of the Istanbul-Konya expedition increased to 235 liras.

'Fuel should be taxed immediately'

CHP Deputy Chairman Ahmet Akın reminded that two weeks later, citizens will set out to go to their hometowns or relatives in different cities due to the Eid al-Adha, and noted that traveling is a luxury due to the increasing fuel and ticket prices. Akın from the CHP said to the government: “It has become impossible for families living on minimum wage to go to their hometowns. Some bus companies do not make reservations due to the increasing fuel prices. In order for our citizens to travel comfortably during the holiday, tax reductions should be made immediately on fuel oil. It is possible to reduce the prices of fuel products to the level of 20 liras with the tax reduction. It should become free on all toll bridges and highways during the holiday.” he called.

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