KadıköyCentral American Cinema Belt

Central American Cinema Generation in Kadikoy
KadıköyCentral American Cinema Belt

Kadıköy Municipality Barış Manço Cultural Center, "Central America Cinema Generation" will be screened on 18-25 June. The first screening of the cinema generation, which aims to introduce the filmography and history of Central American countries, will begin with "Operation Just cause".

Kadıköy The filmography and history of 18 Central American countries are presented at the screening of 25 films, which will start between 6-5 June at the Municipality of Barış Manço Cultural Center.

In this program, which was prepared in cooperation with BMKM and Istanbul Cervantes Institute, a cinema belt was prepared, which was taken from the films of countries such as Panama, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, El Salvador and Guatemala from the SICA group (Central American Integration System). Aiming to better introduce the recent history and important events of many of these countries, the filmography of which is generally not easy to find in cinemas, this program will offer a pleasant viewing to the cinema lovers of Istanbul.

A Diverse Filmography

In this free selection, viewers will have the opportunity to take a closer look at the 5 films selected from 6 Central American countries and the history of these countries. In the footsteps of various subjects and directors, the audience follows the founding of Santo Domingo, America's first city, the American invasion of Panama; These films deal with the most difficult years of the rebellion in Guatemala, the personality of Costa Rica's First Lady, Henrietta Boggs, or themes that refer to Othello. Kadıköy Municipality Barış Manço Cultural Center, in its original version, with Turkish subtitles.

It will be inaugurated on Saturday, June 18, at 18.00, with the participation of the Panamanian ambassador, Ms. Mariela Sagel. In the filmography, which will last for 8 days, a total of 10 screenings will be presented to the audience.

The embassies of Central American countries in Turkey, the Spanish Embassy in Ankara, Istanbul Cervantes Institute and Kadıköy The municipality provides support.


Operation Just cause (Panama. Dir: Luis Pacheco, Luis Franco Brantley)
Saturday, June 18, at 18:00 / Thursday, June 23, at: 19:00.

Santo Domingo, America's Winner (Dominican Republic; Dir: Pinky Pintor)
Sunday, June 19, at 17:00 / Friday, June 24, at 19:00.

September (Guatemala. Dir: Kenneth C. Muller)
Sunday, June 19, at 19:00 / Saturday, June 25, at 17:00.

First Lady of the Revolution (Costa Rica. Dir.: Andrea Kalin)
Monday, June 20, at 19:00 / Saturday, June 25, at 19:00.

Salsipuedes (Panama. Dir: Ricardo Aguilar Navarro, Manolito Rodríguez)
Tuesday, June 21, at 19.00.

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