Bursa T2 City Square Terminal Tram Line Prepares to Open

Bursa T City Square Terminal Tram Line Is Being Prepared
Bursa T2 City Square Terminal Tram Line Prepares to Open

📩 30/06/2022 14:07

Final preparations are being made on the Kent Square-Terminal tram line, which will start passenger flights at the weekend with a ceremony attended by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. The T2 line is getting ready for opening with extensive work, from landscaping to station cleaning and the establishment of card reading systems.

The work on the Kent Square-Terminal tram line, designed by the Metropolitan Municipality 'in line with the goal of covering the city with iron nets', has come to an end. The T9 line, which was 445 meters long and has 11 stations, where test drives started at the end of May, was integrated with the T2 line and connected to each other by rails between Sculpture and Terminal. The line, whose station names were determined as Kent Meydani, Genç Osman, Beşyol, Fatih-Altınova, Regional Courthouse-Mufti Office, Otokop-Forest Region, BUTTİM, Fair, Yeniceabat, Vocational School and Terminal, will start passenger flights with a ceremony attended by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. will begin. Thus, the people of Bursa, who will take the tram from Sculpture, will have the opportunity to reach the Terminal without interruption. Metropolitan Municipality teams continue their feverish work on the pre-opening line. While the station signboards are being mounted, landscaping and landscaping work is carried out on the line and at certain stations. While the final tests are being carried out on all escalators, the installation of card reading systems and cleaning works at the stations continue.

“Congratulations to our new line”

Expressing that they are happy to serve Bursa and keep their promises, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş said that transportation is talked about a lot and that there is much more need for investments in this area. Reminding that they had previously announced that test drives on the T2 line will start in May and passenger flights will start in July, President Aktaş said, “We are happy to keep our promise. The fact that the opening will be made by our President himself doubled our happiness. The rail system line in Bursa was 47 kilometers. With this line, it reached 56,5 kilometers. Again, Emek City Hospital line construction continues. We will be working on the Görükle line. We will have spread the modern transportation system all over Bursa. I wish our line to be beneficial and auspicious for our city. This line; Anyone who wants to go not only to the terminal but also to BUTTİM, GUHEM, the fairground, Bursa Science and Technology Center, mufti office, police station and courthouse will be able to use it very easily. Hopefully, after the opening, our people will meet with comfortable transportation on this route as well.”

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