Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry Celebrates Its 133rd Anniversary

Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry Celebrates Its Third Anniversary
Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry Celebrates Its 133rd Anniversary

Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which was established on 6 June 1889 in order to structure the commercial life in Bursa and to support development goals, celebrates its 133th anniversary.

BTSO, which started its activities with 6 members on June 1889, 70, under the leadership of Osman Fevzi Efendi and his friends, is today one of the largest chambers of commerce and industry in the country with more than 50 thousand members. A ceremony was held in Bursa, one of the cities that shape the Turkish economy, on the occasion of the 133rd anniversary of BTSO, the umbrella organization of the business world. In the program attended by BTSO Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors Cüneyt Şener, BTSO Deputy Chairman of the Assembly Metin Şenyurt, Members of the Board of Directors, the Assembly and the Committee, a wreath was laid at the Atatürk Monument. Then, a prayer was read at the grave of Osman Fevzi Efendi, the founder of the Chamber, in the Emir Sultan Cemetery.


Cüneyt Şener, Vice Chairman of the Board of BTSO, emphasized that Bursa is a city that never gives up its investment, production, employment and export targets even in times of great difficulties and economic crises. Cüneyt Şener, stating that Bursa leads the development goals of Turkey with its 24 billion dollars foreign trade potential, a higher export performance than 121 countries and a foreign trade surplus of 8 billion dollars, in a process where change and transformation in global trade accelerate, said, “As BTSO, we have achieved these exemplary achievements. We have achieved this with the support of more than 50 thousand members and the projects we developed with the common mind of the city. From BUTEKOM to TEKNOSAB, from Global Fair Agency to Commercial Safari, from Gökmen Space Aviation Training Center to MESYEB to Bursa kazanEvery project we undertake is set as an example all over Turkey.” said.


Pointing out that a brand new era has started in the global economy, where opportunities and threats are presented together, Şener continued his speech as follows: “We sincerely believe that we will reach the goal of a much stronger and more qualified Bursa with opportunities, not running after opportunities by planning this new period with a common mind. I celebrate the 133rd anniversary of our Chamber and express our gratitude to all our members who support our work. I hope that the projects we realize under the roof of BTSO will bring goodness to all our companies, our city and our country.”


BTSO Deputy Chairman of the Assembly Metin Şenyurt stated that BTSO has carried out very important projects that add value to the industrial and commercial life of the city since the day it was founded, and said, "We respect and honor everyone who has worked for our Chamber to reach its present distinguished position, especially our Founder Osman Fevzi Efendi and his friends. I remember with gratitude.” he said.

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