Animal Nutrition Training for Capital Animal Breeders

Animal Nutrition Education for Animal Breeders in Baskent
Animal Nutrition Training for Capital Animal Breeders

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality launched a training attack on “Animal Feeding in Livestock” in order to improve animal husbandry and raise awareness of producers in the Capital. In the first phase, 23 producers were given theoretical training in the Polatlı Chamber of Agriculture, and practical training was given to 15 animal producers in the Polatlı Tatlıkuyu District at the breeding farm.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues to give priority to projects that will support rural development and encourage animal husbandry in the Capital.

ABB Rural Services Department launched a training attack on "Animal Feeding in Livestock" in order to improve animal husbandry, increase efficiency and raise awareness of animal producers on breeding throughout the city.


With the educational support it provides, the Metropolitan Municipality aims to raise awareness by explaining animal feeding methods to breeders in both rural and central districts of Ankara.

Stating that they provide information on many subjects from which methods to prepare the feed used, how the moisture content should be, from stool examination to the tricks of feed mixes, from nail care to foot injuries, Animal Nutrition and Nutrition Diseases Specialist Veterinarian Dr. Serdar Sızmaz made the following evaluations:

“For about 2 years, we have been working on animal nutrition and herd health trainings with the Metropolitan Municipality in the field. After the livestock training we held at the Polatlı Chamber of Agriculture last week, we explained the tricks in feed mixing and animal nutrition in a fattening enterprise in Polatlı. We talked about how the bait is prepared and what should be considered in the order while preparing the bait. We did a stool exam. At the same time, we talked about foot diseases in cattle in the theoretical training. We also had the chance to examine two foot diseases here.”


Under the coordination of the Rural Services Department, at the first stage, 23 producers were given theoretical training in the Polatlı Chamber of Agriculture, and practical training on animal feeding was given to 15 animal breeders in a breeding farm in Tatlıkuyu District.

Stating that they will continue to take into account the needs and demands of animal breeders in the capital, Ahmet Mekin Tuzun, Head of ABB Rural Services Department, made the following statements:

“We are organizing a training on breeding. As Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, we are trying to provide all kinds of support to producers in both plant and animal husbandry production and keep their hands on it. We, as the Metropolitan Municipality, are trying to do whatever we can to overcome the difficulties in this period. We organize various training programs. We will continue to stand by our producers.”


The animal breeders, who participated in both theoretical and practical training, thanked the Metropolitan Municipality, which provided the opportunity to learn from the experts about the mistakes they made in animal feeding, with the following words:

Sayyid Khan: “The trainings were very useful, we made up for our shortcomings. We thank the Metropolitan Municipality for providing these opportunities.”

Emin Ozsoy: “I am engaged in animal husbandry, we were very satisfied with this training. We received good information, thank you very much.”

Mehmet Emin: “It was a very useful training, we got useful information. We thank you."

Sinan Kütük: “We are satisfied with this training. We learned about the things we were stuck on and the things we didn't know. It has been a successful project. We learned things that we did not know in education. I hope these trainings continue.”

Yusuf Tam: “The trainings have been beneficial for us. I think that these trainings should be given frequently. We do animal husbandry with traditional methods, as we saw from our grandfathers and fathers. This training has made a significant contribution to us, and we have seen our shortcomings.”

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