Adana 15 July Martyrs Bridge One of the Proud Projects of Turkish Engineering

Adana July Martyrs Bridge One of the Proud Projects of Turkish Engineering
Adana 15 July Martyrs Bridge One of the Proud Projects of Turkish Engineering

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu and General Manager of Highways Abdulkadir Uraloğlu and the accompanying delegation visited Adana 20 July Martyrs Bridge construction site on Monday, 15 June. Our Minister, who made the necessary investigations at the construction site and received information about the latest situation from the authorities, made a statement to the press regarding the project.

Stating that investments bring speed, savings and comfort to the daily life of our people, our Minister said; “We also get the results of our work, and we are proud to bring them together with our nation. We completed the 1915 Çanakkale Bridge, one of the proud projects of Turkish engineering and the longest suspension bridge in the world, in 4 years; presented to our nation. Right after that, we brought Tokat together with the airport. We opened Malatya Ring Road serving with 16 provinces. With the Phaselis Tunnel in Antalya, we offered our citizens the opportunity to have a safe and comfortable journey.” said.

“We will open our project in the first half of 2023”

Minister Karaismailoğlu, who gave technical information about the 15 July Martyrs Bridge, which is under construction; “We have planned an investment of over 15 billion 1 million liras for the July 351 Martyrs Bridge. Our bridge is 669 meters long and has 23 spans. During the construction works last year; We carried out bridge pile foundation, bored pile manufacturing, floor beam manufacturing, foundation elevation concrete manufacturing. We have achieved a physical realization of 2021 percent on the bridge, the construction of which we started in August 56. We will put our project into service in the first half of 2023.” used the expressions.

“There will be a great relief in traffic in the northern part of our city”

Our Minister said that with the July 15 Martyrs Bridge coming into service, there will be a great relief in the traffic density in the northern part of the city; He underlined that uninterrupted connection of the stadium to Çukurova University, Alparslan Türkeş Science and Technology University, City Hospital and the existing Adana-Mersin Highway will be ensured, and that urban traffic will also become much safer.

“July 15 Martyrs Bridge is one of our honor projects”

Emphasizing that they are working to offer services that Adana has not seen before, our Minister continued his speech as follows:

“We cross the impassable mountains with the tunnels we make across the country. We cross deep valleys quickly, safely and economically with our viaducts and bridges. In addition, we are building the ring roads in order to relieve the urban traffic in the city crossings of our highways. Sometimes, we create deep-rooted solutions that will ease the urban traffic in the face of our natural textures in the city. 15 July Cities Bridge is one of our honor projects.”​

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