Writer and Poet Mevlana İdris Zengin, Who Died at the Age of 56, Who is He and Why Did He Die?

Who is the author and poet Mevlana Idris Zengin, who passed away at Age
Who is the author and poet Mevlana İdris Zengin, who passed away at the age of 56?

His brother, writer Salih Zengin, announced on his social media account the death of Zengin, who underwent surgery after a heart disease and was then under treatment in the intensive care unit for a while.

In his message, Zengin said, “My dear brother Mevlana Idris, a Muslim, human, poet, writer and friend of children, met his Lord in the hospital where he was treated tonight in Kahramanmaraş. May Allah welcome him with angels and welcome him in the gardens of paradise. Our pain is indescribable. Condolences to all of us.” used the expressions.

The funeral of Zengin will be buried in the Mihrişah Valide Sultan Cemetery, after the funeral prayer to be held at Eyüp Sultan Mosque, following the afternoon prayer.

Who is Mevlana İdris Zengin?

Mevlana İdris Zengin was born in Andırın, Kahramanmaraş in 1966. She graduated from Istanbul University Faculty of Law in 1989. Her poems, stories and essays have been published in many magazines and newspapers such as İkindiyazıları, Diriliş, Dervâh, Albatros, Wide Zamanlar and Gerçek Hayat. She has also written many books on children's literature.

He is a member of the Children's Publishing Advisory and Publication Board, which was established under the chairmanship of Mustafa Ruhi Şirin. The fact that he was excluded from the list along with some other children's book authors in the list of 100 Essential Works is stated as an indication of "ignoring the child and not taking into account his/her feelings, thoughts and imaginations".


  • In 1987, Sky Publications Children's Literature Award with his poetry book "Bird Colorful Childhood".
  • He was awarded the Turkish Writers Union Children's Literature Award in 1998 with his book "The Horror Shop".
  • The international award of the Turkish magazine published in Kosovo/Prizren in 2008 for those who contribute to Turkish.
  • He was selected as the “Most Successful Children's Writer” by Birikim Educational Institution in 2011.

About five different scientific studies have been carried out in five different universities: Egypt-Cairo, Germany-Berlin and Turkey-Istanbul, Çanakkale, Erzurum.

Mevlana Idris has participated in conferences and various events related to children's literature in cities such as Frankfurt, Damascus, Cologne, Budapest, Pristina, London and Beijing.

Some of his tales were made into cartoons and broadcast on TV. The author still lives in Istanbul and continues his writing work.

Some of His Works

  • Çınçınlı Fairy Tale Street
  • Ice Cream Math
  • dream shop
  • Hedgehogs Don't Wear Hats
  • Horror Shop
  • Wow
  • Bird Colored Childhood
  • Nerve Shop
  • A dangerous Kipat
  • No Iron Shoes
  • Pufi with Sufi
  • favor shop
  • Strange Men (10 books)
  • Strange Animals (10 books)
  • Good Night Mister” (poem)

His books in the Strange Men series are translated into 9 world languages ​​by a publishing house in Germany and are being prepared for publication. He also wrote the text of a documentary called "Never and Always Nuri Pakdil" and served as a concept consultant. The documentary was broadcast on TRT television in 2010.

Based on Sezai Karakoç's poems, the poetry documentary titled “Rose Voices” was screened at the International Sezai Karakoç Symposium held in Diyarbakır on 13 April 2012.

Some of Mevlana Idris's books have been translated and published into Persian, German, Arabic, Urdu and Hungarian languages.

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