Who is Cetin Alp? Where is he from, what is his profession, at what age did he die?

Who is Cetin Alp?
Who is Cetin Alp?

Cetin Alp (21 June 1947, Malatya – 18 May 2004, Istanbul), Turkish singer. He was born in Malatya. Having lived 3 marriages, Alp made his first marriage to Ergül Kuğuoğlu (they divorced). He had two daughters named Fulya (b.1970) and Filiz and a son named Ahmet Küçükarslan (b.1976) from this marriage. Alp, who made his second marriage to Şermin Küçükaslan, divorced on 2 November 19. Alp, who made his third and last marriage with Suna Yıldızoğlu in the eighties, divorced 1982 years later. The artist, who had a heart problem for a long time, had an angiography and a stent was placed in his heart a few years before his death. Due to the fact that the artist did not have a single kidney, his medication was progressing slowly. He died of a heart attack in 3.

He started his career with the first place in the Golden Voice competition in the 1970s. During these years, a Greek song written by Sezen Cumhur Önal was released as a 45 song. 45 is kept, 500 thousand sells. The artist earned this 45 Gold record. Then he made the last time I'll see the 45, which was very popular. He worked with Yurdaer Doğulu and Zekai Apaydın's orchestras, and won the third place in the 'World Singer Contest' in Los Angeles after Eurovision. She also won the 'Golden Orpheus' competition held in Bulgaria in 1990.

He continued his career with his ex-wife Suna Yıldızoğlu of English origin for nine years, and could not release a single studio album despite the release of many 45s. In 1983 Eurovision Song Contest Turkey with the Short Wave Vocal Group “OperaHe represented it with the song ”. The artist, who was the target of devastating criticism for years due to being the last in this competition with zero points, died of a heart attack at home three days after the final of the 2003 Eurovision Song Contest held in Istanbul the following year, with Turkey's first victory in 2004. A week ago, in an interview with Alp on the occasion of TRT's Eurovision, he said that he was "very sad because the bad result he got in Munich was blamed on him and he couldn't recover for years".

He has also competed in Los Angeles and Golden Orfe Music Festivals. He is also remembered for his strong baritone voice, musical knowledge and the hit song of the late 1970s called "Choose Czech".


  • You Aside, The World Aside/Let's Forget Everything
  • Sin to Us/The Unknown Darkness (1970)
  • You Said No Separation Anymore/One Day Will End (1972)
  • When You Pour a Glass, Nothing Left/Memories (1973)
  • Check Check/What Happened to You (1978)
  • Farewell (1979 Eurovision Finalist Song) / If I See You For The Last Time (1979)
  • Let It Be Last/Endless Love (with Suna Yıldızoğlu) (1981)
  • Opera (Turkish)/Opera (English) (1983)
  • The Last Time (1986 Kuşadası Golden Pigeon Music Competition)

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