What is Special Consumption Tax Exemption for the Disabled? How Can Disabled People Buy Vehicles With SCT Exemption?

What is the Special Consumption Tax Exemption for the Disabled How Can the Disabled Buy a Vehicle with the OTV Exemption
What is the Special Consumption Tax Exemption for the Disabled How Can the Disabled Buy a Vehicle with the OTV Exemption

From automobiles; Special Consumption Tax is collected at varying rates according to various criteria such as engine volume, purpose of use, engine type and sales price. However, the Republic of Turkey aims to help disabled people access the vehicles easily by applying SCT exemption. In this context, the "Special Consumption Tax (II) List Implementation Communiqué" is taken into account. According to the Communiqué, in 2022, the disabled can purchase vehicles up to 450.500 TL with SCT exemption.

How Can Disabled People Buy Vehicles With SCT Exemption?

In order to be able to buy a vehicle with SCT exemption, disabled individuals must have a disability health board report. However, there are some conditions sought in these reports. In addition, different conditions are sought if the disabled person will use the vehicle himself, and different conditions are sought if others will use it.

In the explanation part of the disability report, it should be stated that there are situations that prevent the person from driving. Usually, the report states that the person needs an automatic transmission or gear to be able to drive. Disabled individuals who have this type of report can benefit from SCT exemption if they also have a driver's license stating that they can drive. Generally, people with lower or upper extremity disabilities are included in this group.

There is also SCT exemption for people with disabilities who cannot use the vehicle themselves and who have a disability of 90% or more. However, the process for the disabled people included in this group is slightly different than for the disabled people who will use the vehicle themselves. Generally, the visually impaired, mentally handicapped and people with chronic illnesses are included in this group.

What are the Documents Required When Buying a Vehicle?

The documents required for the disabled to buy a vehicle with the SCT exemption vary depending on whether the disabled person will use the vehicle himself or not.
If people with less than 90% disability and who are in the orthopedically disabled class are going to buy a vehicle, they must provide the following documents:

  • Driver's license to drive
  • The original of the disabled health board report, where the equipment to be used is stated in the explanation part, and two copies of the notary copy with the phrase "Like the original"
  • Photocopy of identify card

Persons with a disability of 90% or more, who will use the vehicle instead of themselves, must provide the following documents: The original of the report, which is stated to have a disability of 90% or more, and two copies of the report, duplicated by the notary public, with the phrase "Like the original". If the person who has the report is mentally handicapped, it is necessary to apply to the court and get a guardian's decision, and in addition to this, a vehicle purchase petition should be given to the court and a decision should be made. If custody has been issued, no additional decision is required. Photocopy of ID, if there is a power of attorney or guardian decision, the originals of these documents. After making the necessary applications and receiving the documents, you can go to the nearest Honda showroom and examine the vehicles that you can benefit from SCT exemption. You can easily buy the vehicle you want by giving a power of attorney for the vehicle you have examined and liked.

How to Issue a Disability Report to Benefit from SCT Exemption?

In order to buy a car by taking advantage of the SCT exemption, it is sufficient to apply to state hospitals and make an appointment to issue a disability health board report. A day and time will be determined based on this request. The disabled individual is examined by more than one doctor here, tests are made and a report is created. At this point, attention should be paid to the duration and explanations of the report. “Continuous”, “Permanent” or “Permanent” phrases appear on the reports. Vehicles can be purchased without any problems with the documents with the words "Permanent" or "Permanently". However, in the reports that are specified as "time-limited" and that are subject to time restrictions from the day the report is issued, SCT exemption cannot be benefited from in the purchase of vehicles in case the period expires. For this reason, disabled people with a periodic report who want to benefit from the SCT exemption should pay attention to the dates. Another point is the explanations are very important. Disabled health board reports can be obtained for many different reasons, such as working, so it should be specifically stated that they will be used in the purchase of a vehicle. Thus, the codes of the devices are written with expressions such as "Can drive with equipment", which should be included in the explanation section.

How is the Disability Rate Calculated in the Disability Report?

All of the chronic diseases that cause people to have problems in maintaining their lives and the losses in their limbs for any reason are included in the disability report and added to the disability rate. Obstacle ratio; Many different subjects such as vision loss, hypertension, liver failure are added and calculations are made with special rulers.

Which Modifications Are Made for Vehicles Purchased with SCT Exemption?

Some modifications, determined by the commission, need to be made. For example, if there is a limitation regarding the right arm, the tools that enable you to use the equipment such as the button and arm on the right of the steering wheel are transferred to the left side with devices. Thus, equipment such as wipers can be used without removing the left hand. All these devices are indicated by codes when obtaining the license and the vehicle is modified accordingly. Depending on the size and shape of the renovations, this process may take longer or shorter. For this reason, although a definite date cannot be given regarding the renovation period, renovations can be made easily in almost every region of Turkey.

Who Can Use Vehicles Purchased with SCT Exemption?

If the vehicle purchased with SCT exemption is used by the disabled individual, in addition to the person himself, his relatives up to the 3rd degree have the right to use it. Even if a vehicle has been purchased by taking advantage of the SCT exemption with a report of 90% or more, any person can drive the vehicle. However, the most important point to be considered here is about insurance. In some cases, insurance companies may disable the coverages specified in the motor insurance and Compulsory Traffic Insurance policies. For this reason, when you apply to insurance companies for motor insurance and Compulsory Traffic Insurance policies after purchasing the vehicle, the policy details should be learned. Finally, there is a restriction in the vehicle's license as "those who have rights and interests in the vehicle". If there is no statement here, anyone can use the tool.

How to Learn Kinship Degrees?

Vehicles purchased with SCT exemption and used by the disabled individual can be used by close relatives up to the 3rd degree. The degrees of kinship determined by the Turkish Civil Code are determined according to the births that connect the relatives. Accordingly, relatives are listed as follows according to their degrees: First-degree relatives: Mother, father, spouse and children Second-degree relatives: Grandfather, grandmother, grandchild, brother Third-degree relatives: Nephew, uncle, aunt, aunt of a married person, -blood even if they are not related - the same relatives of the spouse are included in the list of second-degree relatives. In other words, 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree relatives of a person's spouse are also considered in the same class as one's own relatives.

How is the Sales of Vehicles Purchased with SCT Exemption?

Vehicles purchased with SCT exemption cannot be sold for 5 years from the date of purchase. If the sale is necessary, the tax office must be applied to and the SCT of the vehicle must be calculated and paid. After this process is done, there is no obstacle to the sale of the vehicle. Apart from this, if 5 years have passed since the purchase of the vehicle, the vehicle can be sold without any restrictions or special tax payments. Finally, the right to purchase a vehicle is updated every 5 years with the SCT exemption granted for the disabled. In other words, a vehicle can be purchased easily with a SCT exemption every 5 years.

Motor Vehicles Tax (MTV) Exemption for Disabled Vehicles

Disabled people are exempted from the Motor Vehicles Tax paid after the purchase, just like the SCT exemption applied when purchasing a vehicle. MTV is not requested by tax offices for vehicles belonging to the disabled. For this process, disabled individuals must go to the nearest tax office and apply.

How to Get a Disabled License?

Until the regulation made in 2016, disabled drivers were given a special driver's license called H class. However, with the regulation made in 2016, new licenses with the inscription "B-class and disabled" started to be issued. Disabled individuals who are 18 years old can get a disabled driver's license after they issue the disability health board report, which states the codes suitable for their restricted movements and situations. Apart from this, no special conditions are required. Disabled individuals take a written exam after completing any driving course approved by the Ministry of Education. Disabled driver candidates who complete the written exam are included in the practical exam with vehicles specially equipped for their restricted movements and situations. If they pass this exam, they are entitled to get a driver's license. kazanrivers.

Can Disabled Persons Use Their Old Driving License?

Persons who have a class B license and subsequently become disabled can apply to hospitals and have their codes defined in the report. Then, with the reports with the codes written, it is necessary to apply to the civil registration office and update the driver's license in accordance with the codes. After updating in accordance with the codes, the person can buy and use the vehicle with the appropriate equipment with the exemption of SCT.

How Does the Driving License Process Work by Disability Groups?

The process of obtaining a license is the same for all drivers. However, the equipment is provided for the orthopedically handicapped people who need to use the vehicle with a device due to their disability, and exams are carried out by people with sign language certificates for people with speech disabilities.

How are the Parking Fees for Disabled Vehicles Calculated?

Disabled people who want to benefit from the car parks open to the public by public institutions and organizations can benefit from free or discounted services at many points if they register. For example, if an application is made to İSPARK, a subsidiary of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, disabled drivers can use the car parks free of charge for a certain period of time during the day.

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