What is Genital Area Whitening? How is it applied?

What is Genital Area Whitening and How is it Applied?
What is Genital Area Whitening and How is it Applied?

Gynecologist, Sex Therapist, Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist Op.Dr.Esra Demir Yüzer gave important information about the subject. The image that you feel uncomfortable in your genital area is terminated with genital area bleaching operation. So, how about genital area whitening?

About Genital Area Whitening

The genital area bleaching operation to be applied can be done with different methods. It is important to decide together which method will be used for the bleaching process you request. First of all, you will be provided with answers to your questions about this operation. With the answers to your questions, you will not have any worries about the whitening process in your genital area. The transaction will be carried out directly.

Why Does the Genital Area Darken?

The reason for the darkening in the genital area may also be wondered. The area called vulva is the name given to the outer area of ​​the genital area. When looked at, it can be concluded that there is darkening – blackening in the region due to different reasons. The main cause of browning here is the main hormone, estrogen. The texture shows darkening with the effect of UV.

  • Darkening after pregnancy
  • Using the birth control pill
  • polycystic ovary syndrome
  • Some hormonal problems can cause darkening in the area.

It may be important to eliminate these problems before the operation. If there is a hormone problem, it will be important to terminate the treatment in terms of its effectiveness. By paying attention to this, it should be ensured that the causes of darkening of the genital area are eliminated.

Why is Genital Area Bleaching Done?

Most of the time, visual problems create self-confidence problems in the person. After that, there may be sexual escapism. In case of discomfort with the image, it can be applied to eliminate the problem with aesthetics. Since it is an extremely simple process, you can ensure that this problem you are experiencing disappears before it grows.

  • Having darkening in the genital area
  • Having color differences in the genital area
  • Discomfort with the appearance of the area

The situations given above are sufficient to request the operation. After the examinations made by your doctor, you will be provided with specific information directly for you. With the interpretation of the operation based on your personal problem, you will receive the answer to your questions about genital area whitening in a short time.

Genital Area Whitening Methods

The procedure you request can be performed with two different methods. You and your doctor can make the right choice among the vaginal whitening methods. The procedure is performed both surgically and with a laser.


You should know that laser is used in genital area whitening. Genital area whitening with laser is an extremely easy process. Laser, which is the most preferred and effective solution, is the removal of darkening in the region.


If you wish, the problem can be eliminated with the genital area bleaching operation to be performed by your doctor. We can say that laser is the preferred and recommended method most of the time. Detailed information about the methods given above is presented. It is important which method you request to be used and which method your doctor deems appropriate. After the controls, information about the whitening process will be provided directly. Genital area whitening can be performed by exfoliating with special chemical substances.

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