'Waste is Enough' Outdoor Awareness Practice Started in Bursa

'Waste Enough Open Air Awareness Practice Has Begun in Bursa'
'Waste is Enough' Outdoor Awareness Practice Started in Bursa

The Metropolitan Municipality, which has realized important environmental investments in order to carry Bursa to a healthier future, has started the 'Waste Enough' Open Air Awareness Practice in line with the 'zero waste' target.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which has implemented important infrastructure projects to combat environmental factors such as global warming and climate changes, air, water and soil pollution, also carries out activities that will raise awareness about the environment. The Metropolitan Municipality, which has commissioned many projects for the renewal of the city's infrastructure, the use of renewable energy resources, and the separation of zero waste and waste at its source, has launched the 'Waste Enough' Outdoor Awareness Practice to raise awareness by supporting the zero waste movement. In this context, boards containing information about recycling and the harm caused by waste to the environment were placed on the 15th of July Democracy Square. In the middle of the area, a giant tin box representing the monthly average amount of waste of 137,5 kilograms for a family of four in Turkey was placed.

city ​​culture

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş, in her speech at the promotion of the 'Waste Enough' awareness application, reminded that some wastes can only be destroyed in nature in 100 years and some in a thousand years. Expressing that they take the recycling business very seriously, Mayor Aktaş said, “We want all Bursa, from 7 to 77, to take care of this business and keep its environment clean. Contribute to the recycling of waste. Our aim with our awareness event here is not limited to environmental cleaning. By making recycling a city culture, we, as Bursa, will reduce our carbon footprint and take a big step to prevent climate change. We are starting our awareness campaign with our huge waste figure. We will not be limited to this point only. We will exhibit our gigantic representative waste in 17 districts, all over Bursa, and raise the necessary awareness. kazanwe will go,” he said.

Serious environmental investments

Noting that they attach great importance to environmental investments with the aim of making Bursa a healthier city, President Aktaş said, “Treatment facilities, stream improvement, new green space. kazanWe have implemented many projects such as excavation works, square arrangements, integrated waste management, industry inventory, inspection of excavation and construction debris wastes. Within the scope of energy efficiency studies, we are working on the installation of solar power plants in areas such as buildings, facilities and parking lots belonging to our municipality. A GES investment has been planned on Bursaray station roofs and the installation of power plants is continuing. In addition, we add value to the environment with energy generation systems and renewable energy sources installed at solid waste stations. We generate electrical energy from waste in our Yenikent Solid Waste Storage Area and East Solid Waste Integrated Facility. BUSKİ meets 3 percent of its annual energy needs from these power plants, with 4 HEPPs and 15 GES investments that it has established on the main transmission lines. In short, as the Metropolitan Municipality, we continue our investments to make Bursa a healthier and more livable city. I wish the 'Waste Enough' Outdoor Awareness Practice, which we started to raise awareness by supporting the 'zero waste' movement under the auspices of Ms. Emine Erdoğan, to be beneficial, and hope that it will provide important benefits in order to raise the necessary awareness about our environment and our future.

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