UPS Increases Export Capacity in Turkey 10 Times

UPS Increases Export Capacity in Turkey
UPS Increases Export Capacity in Turkey 10 Times

UPS, which invested in IGA Istanbul Airport in 2 within the scope of its investment plans of 2018 billion dollars for the European market, including Turkey, continues its investments in Turkey without slowing down. The company has increased its export capacity 2018 times since 10.

Investing in IGA Istanbul Airport to create a bridge between different markets and exporters in order to contribute to Turkey's growth targets, UPS has decided to make a new investment to increase the capacity of its headquarters there. With the investment that will double the operational capacity of UPS Turkey, an 8.000 square meter package sorting and delivery facility will be added.

UPS included the Boeing 2021 aircraft into its export operations in Turkey in the last quarter of 767, after its headquarters at IGA Istanbul Airport became operational; UPS customers in Turkey started to take advantage of the shortened delivery times, with the plane starting to fly between Istanbul and Cologne 6 days a week.

With the last investment, UPS has increased its export capacity 2018 times since 10.

Speaking about the company's investment decision, UPS Eastern Europe Region President Kim Ruymbeke said, “Thanks to our first and subsequent airport investments, exporters in Turkey will enable their shipments to reach 220 countries and regions where UPS operations are located around the world, with a faster and more efficient connection. we provide. Cross-border trade will continue to be the engine of economic growth. As a result, economies are becoming more interactive while also seeking reliable global networks. Our investment in IGA Istanbul Airport is part of our wider investments in our European network. Our activity here is vital to meet the demands of increasing e-commerce and e-exports. Our new expansion will support SMEs in Turkey to become more integrated into the world.” said.

Burak Kılıç, UPS Turkey General Manager, said: “We are the only logistics company in Turkey that offers domestic and international cargo services at the same time, using sea, air and road transport, as well as providing warehousing services. We see significant opportunities in terms of export potential in Turkey. We are proud to be a part of the development of exports, which have increased significantly. We trust the value created by our country and our people. We will continue to evaluate all investment opportunities in Turkey, one of the fastest growing markets in the region.”

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