Turkish Language Exam in Four Basic Skills from the Ministry of National Education

Turkish Language Exam in Four Basic Skills from the Ministry of National Education
Turkish Language Exam in Four Basic Skills from the Ministry of National Education

The Ministry of National Education held the Turkish Language Exam, in which four basic language skills of students are evaluated together, for the first time in such a large scale, in a completely electronic environment and with a standard measurement tool, in language laboratories designed at international standards.

For the exam held in February, March and April, approximately 26 thousand students from the 4th, 7th and 11th grades from 13 provinces were included in the research. The exam was held within the scope of the Project for Determining and Measuring Turkish Language Proficiency in Four Skills.

In his statement on the subject, Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer said, “We carried out this study in order to determine the competencies of the students studying at the determined grade levels regarding four basic language skills, namely reading, writing, listening and speaking. Before the implementation, various workshops were held with the participation of academicians and field experts, infrastructure deficiencies were completed, language laboratories where students were put into practice were isolated from external factors and supported with high-level software and hardware. The fact that one of the main purposes of teaching Turkish is to enable students to achieve competence in the skill areas of their mother tongue and that Turkish education and training is structured on four basic language skills, namely reading, writing, listening and speaking, also reveals the importance of this study. made its assessment.

The first large-scale study to measure Turkish language skills

Minister Özer noted that with the said research, it is the first time that such a large-scale application has been carried out in which students' mother tongue proficiency is measured in four skills and in accordance with internationally accepted standards, within the scope of a common assessment framework. Noting that this study will lead to data that will guide the development of four language skills in a balanced way, Özer said that the scope of the application, of which a pilot study was carried out at the 7th grade level, was expanded to include 4 thousand students studying in the 7th, 11th and 13th grades.

He shared that after the computer-based application of the literacy, listening and speaking tests, which include multiple choice and open-ended questions based on the determined competencies, the evaluation process started through workshops held with classroom teachers, Turkish, Turkish language and literature teachers under the coordination of the General Directorate of Assessment and Examination Services. . After the completion of the evaluation process, the report on the study will be prepared and shared with the public.

For the international Q Mark Certificate to the four basic language skills exams

Minister Özer, who stated that as the Ministry of National Education, was close to achieving another important breakthrough, said: “As a result of the exam, the necessary studies have been almost completed in order to ensure the validity of the document for the level of four basic language skills in Turkish in the international arena. Studies with the European Language Examinations Association (ALTE) for the realization of its international accreditation are progressing effectively. Our aim is to pass the necessary inspections as soon as possible and to get the quality certificate it deserves for this exam developed by our Ministry and to ensure the continuity of this exam, which is documented in compliance with the international standards recognized in the world, for the development of Turkish.”

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