Touristic Ring Service with Hybrid Vehicles Continues Around Ankara Castle and Ulus

Touristic Ring Service with Hybrid Vehicles Continues Around Ankara Castle and Ulus
Touristic Ring Service with Hybrid Vehicles Continues Around Ankara Castle and Ulus

ABB provides free ring service with hybrid (electric) vehicles in the historical areas around Ankara Castle and Ulus, every day between 10.00:17.00 and XNUMX:XNUMX, except Mondays, depending on traffic and visitor density. While citizens show great interest in the shuttle service used for touristic purposes, tradesmen say that their business has increased.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues to undertake projects that will revive the tourism of the Capital.

The free ring service, which was implemented by ABB President Mansur Yavaş and started with hybrid (electric) vehicles in cooperation with Ford Otosan, in the historical areas of Ulus and its surrounding, especially in Ankara Castle, attracts great attention.


The shuttle service, which is organized for touristic purposes, is carried out between 10.00-17.00 every day except Mondays, depending on traffic and visitor density.

While the residents of Başkent, who travel comfortably and comfortably with two environmentally friendly electric vehicles, give full marks to the ring application, the tradesmen of the region also express their satisfaction with the application that contributes to the revival of shopping:

Emine Foam: “It was very good because we had been reaching Ankara Castle by taxi or on foot for years, it was difficult. This has gotten easier with electric vans. We also thank the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality.”

Gulay Kaymakci: “Excellent, absolutely beautiful app. I thank the President Mansur. I would like to express my endless thanks for keeping the social municipality understanding alive.”

Engin Bayramoglu: “Very good application. It's a pretty good app for Kale's components.”

Halil Ibrahim Ozercan: “We are very happy with the ring cars. It was very difficult to come here without his own vehicle. Our municipality allocated us 2 vehicles. Thanks to these tools, it is now much easier to reach Kale. It has been of great benefit to us, the tradesmen.”

Fatma Kilic: “It is very difficult to get to the Castle. There is no vehicle and the slope is therefore very tiring. We are very pleased with this service provided. I see a lot of benefits. It becomes much easier for us to commute here.”

Ozge Saryal: “Due to the slope of the castle road, we can't come very often. We are very happy with this service. We demand more to come.”

Orhan Çakilli: “These services help both citizens and tradesmen.”

Mustafa Yilmaz: “These vehicles provide a great advantage to those who come to Ankara Castle to visit and shop. Citizens using the vehicle can now come to Kale more easily. Everyone is satisfied, we are also satisfied as tradesmen.”

Hikmet Mert Demir: “We used it today and are very satisfied. In this hot weather, we went to Kale in a comfortable and comfortable way. We thank the Metropolitan Municipality for such a service.”

Mustafa Kocak: “We were very satisfied. There was no such service before. It was very easy to reach the castle. It is a comfortable and convenient system.”

The stops on the service route are as follows;

  • Ulus Metro Station,
  • Ulus Victory Monument / Anafartalar Bazaar,
  • Roman Theater / Dolmus Stops,
  • Anatolian Civilizations Museum,
  • Castle Front Square,
  • PTT/Samanpazarı Square,
  • Ethnography and Painting Museum,
  • Fire Station Square/Melike Hatun Mosque.

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