The Face of the Producer Who Planted Karakılçık Wheat in İzmir Smiled

The Producer Who Sows Karakilcik Wheat in Izmir Smiled
The Face of the Producer Who Planted Karakılçık Wheat in İzmir Smiled

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer gave the good news that they will buy a kilo of karakılçık wheat from contract farmers for 14 liras. When the producer learned that he would sell his wheat for twice the price determined by the government, the face of the producer laughed.

With the vision of Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer's “Another Agriculture is Possible”, the farmer opened his fields to heirloom compost wheat. President Tunç Soyer, who announced that they will buy the wheat of the farmer to whom he provided seed support, for twice the price determined by the government, said, “We keep the promise we made to our farmers who take care of local seeds and produce with the right agricultural practices. We buy the wheat of our farmers, for whom we provide seed support, for 7 liras, twice the price of 14 liras determined by the government.”

President Soyer said that they would pay twice the price set by the government for a kilo of wheat to support the producers. When the government delayed announcing the base prices for wheat this year, President Soyer announced that they would buy the wheat from 10 liras per kilogram in order to alleviate the concerns of the producers in İzmir. After the government announced the base price of wheat as 7 liras, President Soyer announced that, considering the increasing costs, the producers will finally buy their wheat for 14 liras, as he promised.

“We learned to laugh again with a bone marrow”

Farmer İsmail Baş from Ödemiş said, “It is no longer known about something that makes snow or what will happen when. Our Tunç President brought us an alternative product. He also increased the purchase price from 7 lira to 14 lira. We were very happy. We forgot to laugh, but we laughed again with the blackbone. May God give a thousand blessings, may God be pleased with our President Tunç, "he said.

Stating that he started to plant the seeds of Karakılçık wheat because it was healthy, İsmail Baş said, “Our ancestors planted and harvested in their time. We said let's do it too, let's eat the bread that our grandfathers ate. I started planting last year. In fact, I planted it because it was healthy, without looking at the money, because it was the seed of an ancestor. But this year everything went wrong. The Metropolitan Municipality did not make us suffer," he said.

“A mayor can do it, why can't a Minister of Agriculture?”

The young producer Halil Baş, who started the harvest of Karakılçık wheat, said, “It was first said that it would cost 7 liras per kilo. Then the figure increased to 10 liras, we were happy. Now we hear about 14 liras. We were even more happy. We started to sow Karakılçık seeds this year, and we will continue now.” Stating that they are tired of the price hikes, Halil Baş continued his words as follows: “The Metropolitan Municipality supports the farmers. We expect this from our state. If a mayor can do it, why can't an Agricultural Products Office or a Minister of Agriculture do it? There is a twofold difference between them. 7 liras announced by the government, 14 liras announced by the municipality. This is something to consider,” he said.

“As a female producer, we are very happy to see the support of the Metropolitan”

Şükran Özkan, a woman producer who processes her fields with black pepper like embroidery, thanked for the good news given by President Tunç Soyer and said, “This is a very good figure. Congratulations to our president. In the past, we used to produce karakılçık wheat. Then we lost the wheat. With the support of the Metropolitan, we started to sow the seeds of karakılçık again. They brought the seeds home. This surprised me a lot, I was happy. Now I am very happy with the purchase price announced as 14 liras.” Referring to the role of women in agriculture, Şükran Özkan said, “Turkey is a male-dominated country. I like when women are successful. I wanted to be a pioneer and I will be. As a female producer, we are very happy to see the support of the Metropolitan behind us,” she said.

I have adopted the slogan “Another Agriculture is Possible”

Nevzat Eldem, who sprinkled the seeds of barley wheat on his field in Tire with Mayor Soyer, said that the harvest time had come and said, “I knew that it would be taken for 10 liras. Now it's up to 14 pounds. Thank you very much. Last year, if I put three cents in my pocket, I said thanks to Tunç President. It will be the same this year. 14 lira was actually a figure that the farmer could not imagine. Congratulations to them. Other planting friends will also be grateful to Tunç President. Because our money with 7 liras kazanOur probability is zero. We would have added money on it," he said. Nevzat Eldem, who also stated that he will not plant silage corn anymore, said, “We are both killing nature and harming it. I will continue with Karakılçık wheat. I have adopted the slogan "Another Agriculture is possible with these alternative products".

“It will be a source of hope for us”

The ancestral seeds grown in the fertile lands of İzmir began to spread rapidly with the harmony with nature and the purchase guarantee given by the Metropolitan. Seeing the abundance of karakılçık, the producers decided to plant karakılçık next year. Rüştü Uçar said that there is corn in his field this year and that he will produce karakılçık wheat next year, “We see karakılçıklar this year, it has grown very well. I heard that the Metropolitan will buy it for 14 liras, it was very nice. We have always planted corn until now, let's plant karakılçık wheat from now on," he said.

İsmail Avcı, on the other hand, mentioned that the black pepper seed distributed by the Metropolitan Municipality is very fertile and said, “From now on, I am thinking of planting it too. Twice the purchase price is very nice. It gives the farmer a breath of fresh air," he said.

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