Champion Archer Sıla Özdemir's New Goal is Olympic

Champion Okcu Sila Ozdemir's New Goal is the Olympics
Champion Archer Sıla Özdemir's New Goal is Olympic

Sıla Özdemir, archer of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Youth and Sports Club, is advancing on the steps of success by breaking records. Sıla Özdemir, who broke the record with 14 points in the Junior Turkish Championship when she was only 675 years old, finally became the owner of the new Turkish record with 60 points in the classic bow 18 meters Cadet U669 Women's category in Antalya. The new goal of the young athlete is to represent our country in the Olympic Games.

Sıla Özdemir, who became the Indoor Turkey Championship in the age category in 2017, became the champion in the stars category at the Turkey Inter-School Archery Turkey Championship, which she participated in 2019. Sıla Özdemir, who had a share in our success as a team in the Classic Bow Women's category at the World School Sports Olympics in France this year, also took part in the team that came second in the Classic Bow International Mixed Team Competition. The new goal of the 17-year-old athlete is to participate in the Olympic games.

He is walking in the footsteps of Mete Gazoz

Sıla Özdemir, who broke two records in her six-year career, said, “My next goal is to get an individual degree at the World Championships in England. In the long term, to reach the Olympic championship. Mete Gazoz spread our sport to the whole country with his success in Tokyo 2020. Archery is on its way to becoming a more popular sport. We are following in his footsteps," he said.

Sıla Özdemir, who stated that she did sports in many branches such as swimming, basketball and tennis before archery, said, “The fact that archery is an individual sport attracted me more. I found that I was better motivated by being alone with my own body and my own mind. Everything starts with dreaming. Every night before I go to sleep, I dream of getting a medal on the podium after shooting the finals in competitions. This leads me to success.”

Stating that his father is an archery referee, Özdemir said, “My biggest supporters are my family. My father has been a referee for years. The biggest factor in my starting this sport and my success. I would also like to thank my coaches for their support.”

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