Thyme Miracle From Mountains to Field

Thyme Miracle From Mountains to Field
Thyme Miracle From Mountains to Field

Medicinal and aromatic plants continue to spread in İzmir. One of the projects of the Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry in this area is the “Miracle of Thyme from the Mountains to the Field Project”.

Thyme seedlings, which were given with a 75% grant, met with the soil in the project carried out in Kemalpaşa district. İzmir Provincial Director of Agriculture and Forestry Özen met with the producers during planting. Drawing attention to the importance of medicinal and aromatic plants, Özen said: “1300 kinds of medicinal and aromatic plants are grown on an area of ​​32 decares in İzmir. We are carrying out projects for the dissemination of these plants, which are less selective in terms of soil and are resistant to drought.”

Especially the uneven lands kazanÖzen stated that these plants are important for kazanand alternative products should be offered to manufacturers. The thyme plant does not have a market problem in this region. Input costs are low and added value is high. As it is known, it is not only used in the spice industry. It can also turn into products such as essential oil and thyme juice. We hope that the thyme we plant here today will become widespread in the region and an additional income will be provided to our producers.”

The project is financed by the General Directorate of Plant Production of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

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