Temsa Authorized Services Met in Adana

Temsa Authorized Services Met in Adana
Temsa Authorized Services Met in Adana

TEMSA held the first Regional Authorized Services meeting at its Adana factory on May 24-26 with the participation of its authorized service centers from all over Turkey. At the meeting where the activities of the first quarter of the year were evaluated, the plans and targets regarding the business processes of the upcoming period were also discussed.

Operating with the partnership of Sabancı Holding and PPF Group (Skoda Transportation), TEMSA held the first quarter activity and evaluation meeting with its authorized services throughout Turkey between 24-26 May. The meeting, attended by all authorized services from Turkey, was held at TEMSA's Adana factory.

At the event, which was organized to strengthen the communication between TEMSA and authorized services and to increase the efficiency in business processes, after-sales activity results for the period of January-April 2022 and evaluation reports about the processes were shared.

In the meeting, where the main theme of 'Customer Satisfaction' was emphasized, informative presentations were made on subjects such as business development, technical service and after-sales operation plans.


In his speech at the event, Önder Göker, Deputy General Manager of After-Sales Services, pointed out that the new year started with a lively pace and said: “We can say that we had a productive year as a company in 2021, despite the stagnation partially experienced. This season, with the steps of full normalization, the expectations are very high. So it will be a busy year. In this process, as TEMSA, we strive to be by our customers' side and to offer the most appropriate, economical, fast and transparent solutions with the understanding of being a business partner on the after-sales service side. Customer satisfaction surveys also highlight TEMSA in developing new products and producing quick solutions to customer needs. I sincerely believe that we will undertake good projects and works with the understanding of 2022% customer satisfaction with the valuable work and support of our authorized services in 100.”

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