Free Public Transportation for Students Who Will Take LGS Exam in Ankara

EGO Buses Ankaray Metro and Cable Car Free for Students Who Will Enter LGS Exam
Free Public Transportation for Students Who Will Take LGS Exam in Ankara

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality will provide support services to prevent students from being victimized while taking various precautions on Sunday, June 5, when the High School Entrance Exam (LGS) will be held. Are EGO Buses, Ankaray, Metro and Cable Car Free for Students Who Will Take LGS Exam?

On Sunday, when EGO buses, ANKARAY, Metro and Teleferik will provide free service, the General Directorate of ASKİ, which will suspend the water cut application, will also stop the production work during the exam hours. The Police Department will also be present at AŞTİ and 20 exam centers with vehicle police teams by taking noise-preventing measures at the exam centers.

Continuing to implement applications that make life easier for students from the capital city, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality does not leave students alone during exam periods.

ABB has completed its preparations for the High School Entrance Examination (LGS) on Sunday, June 5, to make it easier for students, parents and instructors to go to the exam areas.


EGO General Directorate will provide free public transportation with 29 additional bus services on 54 routes, especially ANKARAY, Metro and Cable Car, in order to prevent the students who will enter LGS from being victimized.

While changes are made in the study plan applied for Sunday in ANKARAY on the exam day, 07.25 trains will operate approximately every 10.10 minutes between 5-07.00 hours, and 10.00 trains that will serve at the exam exit time in Ankara Metro between 28-6 hours.

Students who will participate in LGS will be able to benefit from public transportation vehicles belonging to EGO free of charge, provided that they show their exam entrance documents. Parents and teachers in charge will also be able to use public transport free of charge on the exam day.


The General Directorate of ASKİ will take some measures for the exam day and will not go to the city-wide water cut on Sunday, June 5th.

ASKİ will also stop its infrastructure and manufacturing works throughout the city in order not to create noise during exam hours.

ABB Police Department, which will take various measures throughout the day on the exam date, will also work in the field at the exam centers with its teams. Ankara Police will provide the following support from reaching the exam areas to the basic needs of the students:

-Noise-preventing measures such as construction, vehicles, and music that may disturb students will be taken around the exam centers,

-For citizens who have problems in reaching the exam centers, 4 vehicle teams will be ready to respond to the applications coming from Başkent 153,

- For citizens who come to Ankara from outside of the city and have problems reaching the exam center, police teams will be ready with vehicles at AŞTİ,

- Disabled transportation vehicles will be available for disabled individuals who have problems in reaching the exam center,

A vehicle police team will be present at the entrance of 20 exam centers during the exam to assist students and their attendants with possible emergency needs such as water.

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