Chairman Gurun at the Fire Zone in Marmaris

President Gurun in the Fire Zone in Marmaris
Chairman Gurun at the Fire Zone in Marmaris

Muğla Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Dr. Osman Gürün is constantly in the region and continues his investigations for the course of the fire in Marmaris and the precautions to be taken.

While the forest fires in Muğla's Marmaris district on Tuesday, June 21, damage the nature of the region, the Metropolitan Municipality teams and Mayor Gurun show great effort. Visiting the personnel working in the field in the regions where they work, Mayor Gurun also deals with the needs of the personnel one by one.

We take the necessary measures to protect the settlements

Stating that the teams were mobilized from the first minute of the forest fire that started in Marmaris, Muğla Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Dr. Osman Gürün stated that they added strength to their forces with the support received in different cities of Turkey, that they fought shoulder to shoulder in the fires, and thanked all the municipalities for their support. President Gurun said, “According to the Ministry's statement, more than 30 aircraft continue their extinguishing activities in the fire zone. However, at the moment, night extinguishing work is not possible. We do not have any shortcomings in terms of vehicles and water tankers. For the moment, we only need intervention from the air. The fire is approaching the settlements, but the necessary measures have been taken, there is no negative situation at the moment, "he said.

A message of unity in the fight against fire from the President Gurun

Stating that 3 thousand 417 hectares of land have been damaged so far in Marmaris, where the fire continues its effect and the extinguishing works continue without slowing down, Mayor Gurun stated that during the fire, each institution should do its own duty and do its part. President Gurun said, “We are going through a war with fire with all our might. No institution should be separate or against each other. All our institutions urgently need to complete the deficiencies that can be completed. The words we say, finding each other lacking, are of no use in extinguishing the fires. We need common sense to put out the fire. We should make our constructive criticism after the fires are over. We need to stop blaming each other,” he concluded.

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