Plans Privatizing the Historical Ankara Station Campus Canceled

Plans Privatizing the Historical Ankara Station Campus Canceled
Plans Privatizing the Historical Ankara Station Campus Canceled

In the lawsuit filed by the Chamber of Architects Ankara Branch, it was decided to cancel the plans that privatized the historical Ankara Station campus. The historical Ankara Station campus, one of the symbolic public spaces of the Republic, was first divided into two, allocated to Ankara Medipol University, and the area was declared a "private university" area with a change in plan. For Ankara Medipol University, which was founded by the foundation founded by the Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca, the 1/5000 scale master plan change approved by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization and the 1/1000 plan change was brought to the judiciary by the Ankara Branch of the Chamber of Architects and the Ankara 9th Administrative Court rejected the case. The architects brought the rejection decision of the court to the Ankara Regional Administrative Court. Ankara Regional Administrative Court annulled the 9th Administrative Court's refusal decision and discussed the case on the merits and canceled the plans.

“The only thing to do at Ankara Train Station is to protect it”

Evaluating the decision, Chamber of Architects Ankara Branch President Tezcan Karakuş Candan said, “The process of handing over our historical and public spaces to the rulers who need to protect them, with privileged zoning rights and protocols, is a donated process. The judiciary said stop to the plans of the foundation, founded by the Minister of Health, who wanted to divide the Ankara Historical Train Station by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization into two and build a private university and a private hospital. In the plan change that privatizes the public space, does not protect the historical texture, and creates transportation problems, the judiciary once again canceled the plans by saying, "The only thing to do at Ankara Train Station is to protect it." said.

“The public features of Ankara Station that will serve all Ankara people continue, it cannot be privatized”

Candan continued as follows: The highlighted issues in the court's reasoning for annulment are admirable. In the decision, it was emphasized that the planning area subject to the lawsuit is a region with historically significant structures within the Ankara Train Station complex, and Ankara TCDD Station campus as a whole has the characteristic of a historical area for Ankara, so that this area can be subject to planning should not be taken into account. It has been underlined that it is possible only for the purpose of preserving this historical texture. Ignoring this original value, the opening of the new train station cannot be a reason alone for planning in the area. The public features that will serve the people of Ankara continue by using the registered buildings in the station building, such as museums and exhibition halls.

“All controversial plans are in court grounds: City Hospitals, Central Ankara Project, New Train Station”

Candan noted the following: “The problems that the private university area and the health complex will bring, the inadequacy of analysis in the decision, which deals with the transportation problems created by the city hospitals, the Central Ankara Project and the New Train Station, which were built in the city of Ankara in violation of the urbanization policies, EGO hangars were demolished and replaced by the New Train Station. , the needs are not concrete and objective, the new use that comes with planning in the area will lose the historical value of the area with the density of construction, the researches and examinations on how to protect the historical buildings have not been carried out, the problems that the planning area will bring to the region have not been adequately analyzed, the judiciary has said that you do not know this business. ”

Candan said, “In this decision, once again, the betrayals made to the city of Ankara through the planning processes, incompetence, ignorance, the offering of the public, ignorance of science and technique, and hostility to the values ​​of the Republic emerged. We will continue to protect the values ​​of the republic and public spaces, and continue our struggle for healthy urbanization under the guidance of science.”

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