Konya's Public Transport Fleet Has Been Strengthened

Konya's Mass Transportation Fleet Strengthened
Konya's Public Transport Fleet Has Been Strengthened

Konya Metropolitan Municipality Uğur İbrahim Altay, the first batch of 73 buses that will strengthen the public transportation fleet of the Metropolitan Municipality; It introduced 11 solo, 7 articulated and 1 double-decker buses. President Altay said, “The domestic production, the first phase of which we are currently sharing, brings the most beautiful buses of Turkey to our city. kazanwe nagged. We paid 73 million TL with our own resources for a total of 281 buses. Today, we put 19 of our buses into service, but until the end of the year, our 73 buses will be at the service of the people of Konya. With the understanding of 'Konya Model Municipality', we will continue to provide our citizens with the best service, the highest quality service at the most affordable price.” said.

Speaking at the program held in the Konya Metropolitan Stadium parking lot, Mayor Altay stated that while exemplifying their recent work, they emphasized the phrase 'Konya Model Municipality'.


Mayor Altay said, “Konya is an ancient city. It is a city where municipal services have been good and will continue to be good from now on. We have been working hard to create a new success story since the day we took office. Konya is geographically the largest city in Turkey. We are located in Turkey's 6th largest city in terms of population. One of the important things that will affect people's lives, especially in city life, is public transportation activities. Approximately 1 million 400 thousand people live in the center of Konya. And we transport approximately 400 thousand people from one place to another with public transportation in a day. Approximately 135 thousand of this number are transported by the rail system and 265 thousand by our buses. When you look at it, the size of Konya's geography is actually an indicator of how difficult our job is. Because we have bus lines of 72 thousand kilometers and we cover approximately 91 thousand kilometers in a day.” he said.


Explaining that they are also making an effort to make public transportation at the cheapest price, President Altay stated that they have not increased student prices for 4 years and civilian prices for 2 years, and continued as follows: It also benefits from public transportation at the same price. When I say the cheapest, maybe it is not fully understood, so I would like to share with you the public transportation prices in Turkey's 4 largest cities. Actually, I need to add geography to these, but I share the part about population: public transportation 10 liras 7 kurus in Istanbul, 67 liras 6 kurus in Ankara, 50 liras 7 kurus in Izmir, 64 liras 5 kurus in Bursa, Antalya 50 liras, 8 liras 2 kurus in Konya, 50 liras 5 kurus in Adana, 75 liras 4 kurus in Şanlıurfa, 50 liras 5 kurus in Gaziantep, 20 liras 5 kurus in Kocaeli. In other words, when you look at it, most of the provinces in Turkey's top 50 cities by population carry passengers at twice or three times the price of Konya. We hope that we will continue to carry passengers at these prices until the end of this year.”


On the one hand, President Altay explained that they have reaped the fruits of their long-term efforts to increase the comfort of buses, and said, “We are bringing the most beautiful buses of Turkey, domestically produced, to our city, the first phase of which you are seeing right now. kazanwe nagged. Today, we share with you 11 solo, 7 articulated and 1 double-decker buses. Hopefully, they will start to serve our passengers on the roads as of this week, after their license plate procedures and driver training are completed. We paid 73 million liras for 281 buses in total. And all of these 281 million liras were realized with equity. No funding was used. We are putting our 19 buses into service today, the production of which was completed at the first stage, but until the end of the year, these 73 buses will be at the service of the people of Konya. Is it enough? Not. Hopefully, we are continuing our negotiations to increase the number of our new buses to 100 and then to more as soon as possible.” used the expressions.


President Altay, who also thanked the factory officials, concluded his speech with the following words: “From the beginning, they worked with us very well in terms of coordination and they brought these domestic buses produced in Turkey to Konya all together. kazanwe nagged. I would like to thank everyone who contributed. We will continue to offer the best service, the highest quality service at the most affordable price, to our citizens with the understanding of 'Konya Model Municipality'. Good luck to our city."

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