Kardes Bridge Will End Traffic Congestion on Turgut Özal Bridge

The sister bridge will end the traffic congestion on the Turgut Özal Bridge
Brother bridge will end the traffic density on Turgut Özal Bridge

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, which produces radical solutions to the transportation problem in Kocaeli with the manufacture of new roads, bridges and junctions, spends a lot of time in the Gebze region as well as throughout the city. Having built 1 new bridges within the scope of the 'Gebze TEM Highway Bridges Connection Roads 4st Stage Project' a while ago, the Metropolitan has provided a significant reduction in the traffic load between the Gebze Organized Industrial Zone (GOSB) and the city center. Adding a new one to its transportation projects, the Metropolitan will this time hit the traffic jam on the Turgut Özal Bridge, which is located on the Çayırova TEM connection road. In this context, the teams working in the Turgut Özal Bridge Replica and Road Construction work without stopping will give a breath of fresh air to the entrances and exits of the district with the additional bridge project.


A serious progress is being made in the ongoing works under the supervision of the Directorate of Science Affairs, Road and Art Structures Control Branch. The teams, which made the insulation connections of the 198-meter-long Botaş line, have also accelerated the iron equipment production of the A1 side pillar of the additional bridge. Within the scope of the project, the contractor company, which has so far produced 620 meters of rain water and 450 cubic meters of stone walls, has completed the production of bridge beams.


The installation of 65 beams to be placed on the new additional bridge with a length of 10.75 meters and a width of 20 meters will be made after the Eid al-Adha. Within the scope of the project that will ease the traffic on the Turgut Özal Bridge, the existing streets Turgut Özal, Tuna and Namık Kemal Streets will be widened and turned into 2×2 roads. The additional bridge to be built will both ease the entrances and exits to Çayırova, and the industrial areas in the east and west of the TEM connection road will provide the people of the region with comfortable and safer transportation.


When the project is completed, the road separating the Istanbul-Kocaeli provincial border on Turgut Özal Caddesi will be crossed over the highway with a new additional bridge and reconnected to Turgut Özal Caddesi. Thus, vehicle waiting on the bridge will be prevented and a rapid traffic flow will be ensured. In the Turgut Özal Bridge Replication and Road Construction work, which is planned as two lanes, 2 thousand 195 meters of 2×2 divided road, 284 meters of 1×1 road, 64.70 meters long and 10.75 meters wide span bridges will be built.

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