China's Third Aircraft Carrier 'Fujian-18' Launched

Jinn's Third Airliner Fujian Launched
China's Third Aircraft Carrier 'Fujian-18' Launched

China's third aircraft carrier, Fujian-18, was launched this morning and a naming ceremony was held. The name certificate was handed over to the captain of the ship at the ceremony where the Chinese National Anthem was sung and the Chinese national flag was hoisted.

With the approval of the Central Military Commission of the Communist Party of China, China's third aircraft carrier was named the Chinese People's Liberation Army Naval Ship Fujian and its hull number was 18.

The Fujian-18 aircraft carrier is China's first aircraft carrier to have a catapult system designed and produced by its own national power. The loaded weight of the aircraft carrier, in which the electromagnetic aircraft launch and defense system is used, reaches 80 thousand tons.

Trial tests of the Fujian-18 aircraft carrier will be carried out according to plan.

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