Istanbul Employment Summit will be held on 3-4 June in Yenikapı

Istanbul Employment Summit to be held in Yenikapi in June
Istanbul Employment Summit will be held on 3-4 June in Yenikapı

Continuing its search for a solution to Turkey's burning problem of unemployment, IMM takes one more step with the Employment Summit after the employment offices. With the employment summit, young people in search of a job and the leading companies of the sector come together. Employment and career opportunities await especially university students at the Istanbul Employment Summit, which will be held in Yenikapı on 3-4 June, with the participation of more than 130 companies.


Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) rolled up its sleeves to solve the employment and unemployment problem, which is among the most important agendas of Istanbul and Turkey. The Istanbul Employment Summit, which is the biggest summit in this field, will be held on Friday, June 3 and Saturday, June 4 at Yenikapı Kadir Topbaş Performance and Art Center. Representatives of Turkey's leading brands, expert academics, professional organizations, industry associations, IMM managers, and university student clubs will also take place at the summit, where more than 130 companies that shape the Turkish economy will set up stands.


During the summit; Sessions on the profession, job and unemployment agenda will be organized on a sectoral basis. A program full of Sector Meetings and Personal Development sessions awaits the participants. Young people, university students and employers who come to the fairground to look for a job will have the opportunity to meet face to face. Companies will also have the opportunity to introduce their sectors and themselves. Young people will be informed about jobs, internships and career opportunities. At the summit that will determine the career goals of young people, preparation for the business world and kazanclimbing opportunities will arise.

At the summit, where the participants can attend free of charge with a 'QR code' after registering on the site, quick interviews can also be made upon the request of the companies. It will also be possible to register at the door. As a result of the interviews, employer companies will be able to immediately hire the person they want to work with. Events can also be followed on social media with the hashtags #YounglerEmployersBuluşuygu, #İşdamSirvesi. Free İ.ETT buses will serve the Fairground from Yenikapı Metro and Marmaray at half-hour intervals.


At the summit of opportunities, the main theme of which is work and employment, a program full of Personal Development Sessions, Fun Sports and Cultural Activities and Concerts awaits the youth. Youth; On the first day after 18.00, the concert will be held with “Ufuk Beydemir” and “Penalty”, and on the second day with the concerts of “Seventh House” and Can Bonomo. Detailed information about the Istanbul Employment Summit and Fair, participants, registration and program flow can be obtained from the portal /


DAY 1 SESSION – 03.06.2022


Opening speech: Yiğit Oğuz Duman – IMM President Advisor, HR and Organization Management


Agenda in Istanbul: Unemployment and Employment – ​​Main Session-Hall A

Moderator: Dr. Necdet Edge – Regional Employment Offices/Consultant

Participants: Banu Saraçlar- General Manager of İSPER AŞ, Buket Çelebiöven – President of PERYÖN, Emin Capa – Journalist, Prof. Dr. Seyfettin Gürsel – Director of Bahçeşehir University Economic and Social Research Center

Networking in Career Management – ​​Personal Development-Hall C:  

İdil Türkmenoğlu – Independent Board Member/Author/Lecturer

12.00 - 13.00:

Green Employment Opportunities and Sustainable Development – ​​Main Session-Hall A

Moderator: prof. Dr. Ayşen Erdinçler – Head of IMM Environmental Protection and Control Department

Participants: Gülşah Öztürk – Siemens Turkey Sustainability Coordinator, Halil Demirdağ -Smart Solar Chairman of the Board, Numan Özcan – International Labor Organization (ILO) Turkey Director, Dr. Tuğba Ağaçayak – Environmental Engineer/Climate Scientist/Arçelik Senior Specialist

Retail Trade - Industry Meetings-Hall B: 

moderator: Burak Ünaldı - General Secretary of Turkish Shopping Centers and Retailers Federation

Participants: Başak Kavaklı Bilgin – Boyner Büyük Mağazacılık AŞ HR Director, Ozan Akın MİGROS HR and Academy Director, Selim Arda Üçer – Penti HR Assistant General Manager, Yeşim Çokeker – Defacto HR Assistant General Manager

The Changing Employment Model and New Learning Techniques – Personal Development-Hall C: 

Dr. Ecmel Ayral – Founding Member of UnLearn Academy

13.30 - 14.30:

Technology and Informatics – Main Session-Hall A

Moderator: Dr. Erol Özgüner – Head of IT Department of IMM

Participants: Arzu Akkaya – Fortinet General Manager, Cengiz Gürer – Boyner Group IT and Technology Assistant Vice President. and OmniChannel General Manager, Güngör Kaymak – HPE Turkey General Manager, Levent Özbilgin- Microsoft General Manager

Is There a Future in Gastronomy? – Sector Meetings-Hall B

Moderator: Cenk Akın – General Manager of BELTUR AŞ

Participants: Ayşe Erdem – Tab Gıda HR Coordinator, Feride Düzdüran Gündüz – Sodexo HR Director, Nilüfer Değirmenci – Domino's Pizza HR Director, Yeşim Meriç – COOKSHOP Corporate Governance and HR Director

You as a Brand – Personal Development-Hall C

Özlem Sökmen – Best of Staff and Founder of Jean&Ginger

15.00 - 16.00:

IBB President Mr. Ekrem İMAMOĞLU's Meeting/Speech with Young People

16.00 - 17.00:

Companies that Direct Employment – ​​Main Session-Hall A

moderator: Yiğit Oğuz Duman – IMM President Advisor, HR and Organization Management

Participants: Demet Özdemir - Young Success Foundation Board Member, Hüseyin Kadri Samsunlu - General Manager of IGA Airport Operations (CEO), Nevzat Aydın - Founder of Yemek Sepeti

E-Commerce – Industry Meetings-Hall B

Moderator: Hakan Kaplan – Istanbul Your Coordinator

Participants: Derya Er Gidirişlioğlu – Trendyol HR Director, Gaye Kaleağası – Hepsiburada HR Director, Fatih Gencer – Vodafone Pazaryeri Category Senior Manager, Murat Karakaş – Organizational Development and HR Analytics Director, Ramazan Altınay – n11 Supply Chain Director

At the Beginning of the Road – Personal Development-Hall C

Dr. Görkem İldaş – Producer/Academician

DAY 2 SESSION – 04.06.2022


We Have Youth – Main Session-Hall A

moderator: Zeynep Neyza Akçabay – Deputy Secretary General of IMM

Participants: Dr. Canan Aratemür Çimen – Institute Istanbul İSMEK Coordinator, Ebru Demir – Regional Employment Offices Coordinator, İlker Öztürk – İBB Youth and Sports Branch Manager, İsmail Tanilli Kimverdi – İSPER AŞ Education Development Manager

Health and medicine – Sector Meetings-Hall B

Moderator: Dr. Instructor Member Önder Yüksel Eryiğit – Head of IMM Health Department

Participants: Cenk Sandıkçı – Acıbadem Group HR Director, Güldane Collar – Medicana Health Group HR Director, Elif Aydın – Memorial HR Group Director, Senem Unit – Sanovel HR Director

Mind Codes of Success and Happiness in Career – Personal Development-Hall C 

Dr. Çağlayan Aktaş – Founding Partner of Pozitum Education Consultancy


Career Hopes of Youth: What did we hope and what did we find? – Main Session-Hall A

Moderator: Zeynep Aydemir – PERYÖN Young Board of Directors Sözcüsü/Tofaş HR Business Partner

Participants: Özlem Alimuto – PERYÖN Young Board Member/Arçelik Talent Finding and Employer Brand Manager, Göksu Beste Korkmaz – PERYÖN Volunteer, Aleyna Bese – Mother Child Education Foundation, Financial Reporting and Budget Officer, First Chance Program Participant Ali Candaş Korkmazaslan – Sabancı University Economics Student Young TÜRKONFED Participant 

Career in the Industry Sector: Metal, Automotive, Chemistry - Sector Meetings-Hall B

Moderator: Özlem Güçlüer – General Secretary of the Automotive Manufacturers Association

Participants: Tolga Görgülü – Oyak Renault HR Director, Turgay Demirci – Öztiryakiler HR Assistant Manager, Gökhan Okutan – Akkim HR Director

Take the Wheel of Life – Personal Development-Hall C

Kemal İslamoğlu – Hat Consulting Trainer, Consultant and Team Coach


Attention Entrepreneur! – Main Session-Hall A

Moderator: Mehru Aygül – General Manager of Entrepreneurship Foundation

Participants: Berkin Toktaş – Founding Partner of Revo Capital, Bilal Kök – Founder of BONTE, Fevzi Güngör – Founding Partner of Ödeal, Güvenç Sözen – General Coordinator of Entrepreneurship and Technology Centers, Özer Fırat – Founder/CEO of Marketyo

Informatics – Sector Meetings-Hall B

Moderator: Meltem Bağdatlı – Secretary General of TÜBİSAD

Participants: Merve Engindeniz – Paycore HR Assistant General Manager, Dr. Muhittin Sayın – Turknet Communication Services Deputy General Manager, Nebahat Kesgin – Logo HR Director, Tülay Cerit Tiryaki – Koç System HR Director

How Opportunities Are in the Global and Digital World Kazanwarm? – Personal Development-Hall C: 

Barkın Özdemir- Writer/Strategist/Adventurer


Are You Ready for New Generation Technologies? Metaverse, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain – Main Session-Hall A

Moderator: Harun Esur – Head of Kozmot Information Technologies

Participants: Dr. Bora Erdamar – Director of Bahçeşehir University BlockchainIST Center, Hürcan Coşkun – Co-Founder of Bosphorus Analytica, Assoc. Dr. Leyla Türker Şener – TetFit&ROTA META CEO

Financial Services and Auditing - Industry Meetings-Hall B:

Moderator: Nejat Bilginer – Turkish Finance Managers Foundation HR Working Group Head.

Participants: Gülfer Irmak – Deloitte DRT Partner, Muzaffer Hacıoğlu – QNB Finansbank Organization, Recruitment and Talent Management Director, Nazlı Şenyiğit – ING BANK Recruitment Manager, Okan Can Taşkın – Aksigorta Talent Management Manager.

Effective Resume Preparation and Interview Techniques – Personal Development-Hall C

Başak Sevinç – İBB Affiliates Recruitment Manager, Bahtiyar Gencer – İBB Affiliates Recruitment Projects Manager


Generation Difference for Beginners – Main Session-Hall A

İlker Canikligil – Director, Duygu Uysal – Musician&Youtuber

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