İmamoğlu Sang the Freedom Song with our 742 Home Istanbul Graduates

Imamoglu Sang the Song of Freedom with Our Home Istanbul Graduate
İmamoğlu Sang the Freedom Song with our 742 Home Istanbul Graduates

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğludistributed their graduation certificates to 21 little students who graduated from 32 'Home Istanbul' kindergartens operating in 742 districts of the city. İmamoğlu, who sang the song 'Freedom' with the primary school candidate students, gave the good news that they will create the 'Our Home is Istanbul Memorial Forest' by planting saplings on behalf of each graduate student. Saying, "Both our children will grow and our saplings will grow there," İmamoğlu said, "It will continue to grow with the presence of children who will breathe life into our country, give hope, and carry the future to a much higher and stronger place."

21 little students who graduated from a total of 32 “Home Istanbul” kindergartens operating in 742 districts of Istanbul, received their graduation certificates from the Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM). Ekrem İmamoğlutook it from her hand. Entering the event square in Yenikapı Myth Area, accompanied by the applause of the children, İmamoğlu first greeted the parents who attended the graduation ceremony. The event, which started with a moment of silence for Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, his comrades in arms, all martyrs and the singing of the National Anthem, was colored with the songs sung by the little students.


After the songs, İmamoğlu went to the platform with 742 graduate students and made his speech among the little students, “It is a very beautiful and very powerful view. Seeing this beautiful image of our children, their cheerful, self-confident, bright faces and seeing the parents looking at them with hopeful eyes has made me the happiest person in the world right now. You are all welcome. Congratulations to you guys. You are amazing,” he said. Emphasizing that the importance of the kindergarten was repeatedly mentioned before the election, İmamoğlu said, “We determined how much our people needed and what opportunities our children needed to start life on equal terms. We believed that if we provided this equality of opportunity to our children, they would take a strong step in life and business life wherever they were in the world. Indeed, providing the environments and opportunities for each child to freely express their skills and creativity, and showing them to grow up in such an environment, would perhaps be the greatest service of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality for the future.”


Reminding that they set out with the goal of "150 nurseries for 150 neighborhoods", İmamoğlu offered his special thanks to CHP Chairman Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, who supported them on this path. “We actually drew a lot of attention by saying '150 kindergartens for 150 neighborhoods' in Istanbul,” said İmamoğlu. We move very fast. We will be giving away 21 kindergartens to this city very soon. Do you know what 32 kindergarten means? It means that our children cannot fit in the biggest stadium of Istanbul. Think about it; When we come together with their parents and children, there is no stadium in Istanbul to take us. Therefore, I undertake to all my fellow citizens of Istanbul from here that I will do my best to bring this important project to life in the strongest way possible.


Saying, "Today we are sending 742 children to primary education," İmamoğlu said, "And now they will graduate with a much more special status in primary education, with their process starting with kindergarten and their sparkling, chirpy energies. Because they now have the 'Home Istanbul' certificate. You see, almost all of our educators are women. There is also a tremendous female achievement here. Therefore, we are proud to provide such a view. In the future, hundreds of classrooms and nearly 150 thousand students in 150 nurseries and 20 kindergartens, and thousands of our teachers and staff, will be making an extraordinary preparation for the future of Istanbul," he said.


Giving the good news that they will realize the 'Our Home Istanbul Memorial Forest' at the event to be started, İmamoğlu said:

“A sapling will be planted on behalf of our children for this upbringing of our children. Both our children will grow and our saplings will grow there. Therefore, our children will have a forest in Istanbul in the near future. Enabling our children to start life here with a good education, a modern education, acting with the concept of being a world person, and learning and recognizing the values ​​of our country, city and society at the same time has the following expression for us: will continue to grow with the presence of children who will carry it to a strong place. I sincerely thank all of our parents, stakeholders, donors, trainers, all our managers, from the construction of these kindergartens to their education, and to all my colleagues who made it possible to graduate today, for their sacred duty. I wish you good luck. I once again convey my wishes of success to our students who will start primary school, kiss them all on their eyes and give them a big hug. May the roads be open…”

Caps were thrown, there were colorful moments

After the speech, İmamoğlu handed over the certificates of 32 graduates from 742 kindergartens to their teachers. Imamoglu, junior graduates and IMM staff sang the song "Freedom" of the "Subadap Child" music group in unison. At the end of the song, the graduate students throwing their caps into the air created colorful images. After the cap throwing ceremony, the little graduates and teachers who surrounded İmamoğlu had their memories taken with the President of IMM.

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