How to Get Water Subscription? What are the Documents Required for Water Subscription?

How to Get Water Subscription What are the Required Documents for Water Subscription?
How to Get Water Subscription What are the Required Documents for Water Subscription?

When you buy a new home, rent out or open a business, there are many official tasks that need to be done. “How to apply for water subscription?” At this stage, it is one of the frequently searched questions in search engines. If you are going to have a water subscription for the first time or if you are planning to have your current water subscription transported, you can apply to the institutions affiliated to the Directorate of State Hydraulic Works or apply for a water subscription via e-government.

What are the Documents Required for Water Subscription?

When applying for a water subscription, the required documents differ if you are a home owner, tenant or open a business. In the new water subscription to be opened for residence and workplace, the owner must go to the Water Distribution Company and apply.

Documents required when applying for the first water subscription:

  • Birth certificate
  • Tapu
  • Residence Certificate
  • Building Site Water Number
  • TCIP Policy

If you are moving to a residence as a tenant or opening a business in a rental shop and there is a water meter connected before, then it will be sufficient to have the water meter taken on you.

Documents required to take on the water subscription:

  • Birth certificate
  • A Property Document (Lease Contract, Title Deed, etc.)
  • Old Invoice or Document Showing the Number of the Meter
  • Current Counter Number
  • TCIP Policy

Required documents for workplace water subscription:

  • Birth certificate
  • Title Deed or Lease
  • Counter Information
  • TCIP Policy
  • Tax Sign
  • Signature Circulars
  • Company stamp

Subscribing to Water via E-Government

Nowadays, when technology is developing day by day and it is possible to handle many official transactions online, water subscription can be opened via e-government.

You can follow the steps below for water subscription via e-government:

  • Log in with your identity information at
  • Click on e-Services Provided by Water and Sewerage Supply Companies.
  • Select the province / district where subscription transactions will be made.
  • Upload the specified documents to the system by clicking the “apply” button on the screen that opens.
  • Your application process will be completed when the download process is complete and you have given your approval.

In How Many Days Does Water Subscription Open?

Since water is a mandatory and indispensable need, it is important that the opening process is fast. Many people frequently ask the question “How many days does the water subscription open” to search engines.

If there is no obstacle after the documents are completed, the subscription process is completed as soon as possible and the water subscription is opened. If the new owner, tenant or person who has opened a new workplace completes and delivers the necessary documents for the new subscription process, it is possible to open a water subscription within the same day if the institution is close to the residence or workplace.

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