How is Responsibility to the Child Kazanyelled?

How is Cocuga Responsibility? Kazanresurrected
How is Responsibility to the Child Kazanwhining

Specialist Clinical Psychologist Müjde Yahşi gave important information about the subject. The sense of responsibility, like the sense of self-confidence, is accompanied by the period of autonomy. kazanit starts to melt. While the simple tasks given to an average 1,5-year-old child enable the child to develop fine motor skills, in fact, the child's sense of responsibility kazancontributes to the cost.

The child's first responsibility should be to be able to eat on their own. The child, who is supported at the point of eating on his own, acquires a sense of competence and forms the basis of his sense of responsibility. Therefore, the sense of responsibility of the child, whose sense of self-efficacy develops, also begins to develop.

Responsibility for a child kazanParents who want to go to bed should first explain to the child about it.

For example, it is the responsibility of the child to brush the teeth regularly. kazanA parent who wants to have a child's life should first tell about the necessity of brushing with stories and toys appropriate to the child's age. But the most important thing is not the explanations made to the child, but the fact that the parent is the right role model for the child.

So just; In the face of a parent who says, "Come on, brush your teeth," the child does not want to get up and brush their teeth. Because even a simple tooth brushing for a child consists of many sub-skills.

Namely; when the child goes to brush his teeth, he will open the cap of the toothpaste, then apply a sufficient amount to the brush, when he is finished with the paste, he will leave the brush and close the cap of the paste and put the paste back to the place where he took it, then he will take the brush in his hand again and try to brush it as his parents showed him... We can realize that it requires more functionality.

Therefore, it is possible for children to do these automatically, if the parent does it with their child for a certain period of time. Therefore the responsibility kazanParents accompanying the child while squeezing is much more effective and problem-free than giving commands to the child.

Every time you brush your teeth; “Let's brush our teeth!” They should run to the bathroom and show each step by telling them one by one while doing this, until the child starts this habit. kazanuntil now.

Let me remind you that habits begin to form at least in 6 weeks. For this, parents may need to show some patience. Also, parents are responsible for the child. kazanBy being a perfectionist, he may try to correct the child's mistakes constantly, and this approach may distract the child from taking responsibility and create problems in their communication with the child.

Parents should not forget that; accompanying the child enables the child to take the parent as the right role model.

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