How Do Air Conditioners Work Efficiently in the Summer Season?

How Air Conditioners Work Efficiently in the Summer Season
How Air Conditioners Work Efficiently in the Summer Season

LG listed the measures that users can take on their own so that air conditioners can work efficiently in summer. In addition to the physical checks, the smart diagnostic feature in LG Air Conditioners helps consumers to make the first check of their own air conditioner and diagnose problems.

With the warming of the weather, the air conditioning season has opened. It is time for maintenance of air conditioners that are used less during the winter, or maybe not used at all. LG Electronics (LG) has listed the control methods that users can do by themselves in order to use the air conditioners with full efficiency in the summer months. Accordingly, it is necessary to complete the following steps in order to control the air conditioners without the need for service:

  • Users need to make sure whether there is an electrical power connection in the air conditioner outdoor unit and check the fuse switch.
  • The remote control and its batteries should be checked, the batteries should be checked for corrosion and the batteries from the previous year should be replaced.
  • The filter must be cleaned. It should be noted that when the filter is not cleaned regularly, dust accumulates in the filter, the blowing of the air conditioner weakens, which reduces the cooling capacity.
  • If there are items around the outdoor unit that prevent ventilation, they should be removed. These items cause the air conditioner to overwork, consume more electricity and cause it to malfunction.
  • After these stages are completed, users need to run their air conditioners at 18 degrees and check the working status of indoor and outdoor fans during this time.
  • After 20 minutes of cooling, moisture should have formed at the outdoor unit piping connections and should be cold to the touch.
  • In order for the hose of the air conditioner to flow the water, it must be positioned downwards.

Detailed Maintenance with Intelligent Recognition

Users who control their air conditioners themselves can also benefit from the smart diagnostic feature of LG air conditioners with ThinQ. With the smart diagnostic feature found in LG ThinQ-enabled air conditioners, users can self-check whether the air conditioners need extensive maintenance or if there is a part that needs replacing. The “Check It Yourself” campaign offered by LG reduces the problems that can be experienced during the peak summer heat with a simple control.

With the Smart Diagnosis feature in the LG ThinQ application, users who check the parts of the air conditioner such as temperature sensor, fan motor, compressor and review their filters can learn whether they need authorized service support after this simple check. If there is a problem with LG air conditioners that requires special care, they can call the LG call center at 444-6543 or ask for technical service support. Moreover, after performing the first inspection of LG air conditioners between 13-27 June 2022, consumers who need technical support for their problems will be able to benefit from the free service campaign. It provides free service and maintenance service for branded air conditioners.

Air Conditioner Alana Boyner Gift Certificate

Moreover, LG is giving away 17 TL worth of Boyner gift certificates on UV Sirius and UV Artcool models between 4 June and 400 July for consumers to have a more enjoyable summer. LG UV Sirius and LG UV Artcool, which provide both perfect coolness and sterile air, increase air quality thanks to its multi-stage filter system. Air conditioners that provide hygienic air by sterilizing both the air entering the air conditioner and the fan of the air conditioner by 99.9% with UVNano technology, destroy viruses, bacteria, molds, harmful particles and odors in the air. The Dual Inverter Compressor of air conditioners, which can also be controlled remotely with the ThinQ application, provides a 10 percent reduction in energy consumption.

The campaign is valid between 9-20 June 2022. The campaign covers only the service fee and does not cover the purchase of parts and accessories. Detailed information, LG Electronics Ticaret A.Ş. It can be obtained from the Call Center.

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