The Gendarmerie's Hızırbey Teams Come to the Rescue of the Disaster Victims at Every Point Hit by the Flood

The Gendarmerie's Hizirbey Teams Come to the Rescue of the Disaster Victims at Every Point Hit by the Flood
The Gendarmerie's Hızırbey Teams Come to the Rescue of the Disaster Victims at Every Point Hit by the Flood

Gendarmerie Search and Rescue (JAK) Battalion Command teams, which are called "Hızırbey" because they save citizens from the difficult situation in disasters and accidents, are working 7 hours a day, 24 days a week all over the country.

JAK Battalion Command affiliated to the Gendarmerie General Command Gendarmerie Commando Special Public Security Command (JÖAK) operates with 3 Search and Rescue Divisions, an Underwater Search and Rescue (SAK) Division and a Mountain Search and Rescue Division.

At the same time, the JAK Battalion Command coordinates the training, equipment and duties of 17 JAK teams in 23 provinces and 8 SAK teams in 8 provinces.

The teams, which are the pride of the Gendarmerie General Command with the success they have shown and the lives they have saved after the training they have received in order to be able to work in difficult terrain and weather conditions, give hope to the citizens in disasters such as earthquakes, floods and landslides.

The “Hızırbey” of the Gendarmerie not only finds missing cases in places such as lakes and rivers despite adverse water and weather conditions, but also works underwater for hours at the expense of their lives to shed light on judicial cases and search for criminal elements thrown into the water.

They Become “Black Day Friend” of Disaster Victims

JAK teams, who have the ability and ability to conduct search and rescue activities on a 4-hour basis in places such as lakes, rivers, and streams, in 24 wrecks in the first 12 hours in earthquakes, 12 points in floods, floods and landslides, and 6 different regions in avalanche disasters, have faced challenging challenges. educational activities were viewed.

JAK Battalion Commander Gendarmerie Lieutenant Colonel Tuncay Özbek explained that the JAK battalion was established in Ankara on September 1, 1999 in order to constitute the precautionary measure of the Gendarmerie General Command in important security incidents that require superior physics, technical equipment and skills, in search and rescue activities, and in the fight against terrorists.

Emphasizing that the JAK Battalion Command of JÖAK is always ready for duty, Özbek said, “The duty of the JAK Battalion Command is to ensure security, public order and public order throughout the country, to save lives in case of accidents, disappearances and disasters, and to help the people.” he said.

They Prefer Real Venues for Trainings

Stating that they organized a training program that does not look like the truth in the Kızılırmak River, Özbek said that they carried out the search and rescue activities of a person lost in the flood and the evacuation of the trapped citizens as per the scenario.

Stating that they pay attention to the fact that the trainings given are in real areas, Özbek said: "There have been frequent floods and floods lately. Unfortunately, we have reached the dead bodies of our citizens who disappeared in the Karapürçek District of Ankara in the events that took place in the last days.

In the floods that occurred in Akyurt, we ensured the evacuation of 35 of our citizens from the villages. We had old aunts and uncles among them. We had citizens who were pregnant and had surgery. Floods and floods are common these days. Therefore, it is necessary to be cautious and pay attention to the warnings of AFAD.

“We Are Doing Our Duty Relentlessly While Searching For Our Lost Citizens”

Search and Rescue Specialist Gendarmerie Petty Officer Sergeant Dilara Çalışkan explained that their duty is to come to the aid of people day and night in disasters such as earthquakes, floods, landslides and accidents.

Stating that they are working non-stop 7/24 to reach the citizens who are stranded or lost in the water, Çalışkan continued his words as follows: “Our priority is to reach our lost citizens alive. Because they have a family waiting to hear from us. We rejoice with their relatives when they are reunited, and grieve with them when they are lost. We all suffer together. We are doing our duty relentlessly while searching for our lost citizens. Even if a long time has passed since the incident, we never lose our hope.”

The Latest Technology is Used in the Mobile Command Center Tool

Gendarmerie Major Göksel Söylemez, JÖAK Operations and Training Branch Manager, also introduced the Gendarmerie Mobile Command Center Vehicle, where the management and management of the crisis environment in natural disasters, social events and terrorist incidents.

Söylemez stated that the vehicle provided coordination between the Gendarmerie personnel in the region and our Ministry, the Gendarmerie General Command and other institutions in the aforementioned events.

Saying that the vehicle provides the opportunity to communicate without the need for any external energy and wired communication network thanks to its satellite internet and network connection in a possible crisis, Söylemez listed the features of the vehicle as follows: In addition to using the Information System, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) images can be monitored and directed. With the help of mini UAVs/drones in the incident area, live viewing and live transmission of these images to operations centers and GAMER are provided.

It is possible to evaluate the incident area with the Geographical Analysis System, and instantaneously monitor natural disasters through the Disaster Management Support System. Fire tracking and meteorological data systems of the General Directorate of Forestry can be actively followed and used.”

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