Have 2022 LGS Results Announced? Where to Learn LGS Results? LGS Results Inquiry

Are LGS Results Announced Where to Learn LGS Results LGS Results Inquiry
Are the 2022 LGS Results Announced Where to Learn LGS Results LGS Results Inquiry

The results of the central exam within the scope of LGS, which was successfully applied on June 5, 2022 www.meb.gov.tr. made available at. 8 million 1 thousand 31 students took the exam, in which applications are automatically taken for all 799th grade students, and the participation rate was 83 percent.

As in previous years, the "Central Examination Evaluation Report" was published together with the results of the exam held within the scope of LGS this year.

In the report directed by the Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer, the results of the students in the central exam were examined in detail, the distributions of the subtests in the exam were evaluated, and detailed results were given about the psychometric properties of the test.

No questions canceled in 2022 LGS

In the central exam, a total of 90 questions were asked in two sessions. In the first session, which started at 09.30, the students were given tests of Turkish, the history of the Turkish Revolution, Kemalism, religious culture and ethics, and foreign language tests.

The second session started at 11.30 am and in this session students answered math and science tests. None of the questions in the central exam were cancelled.

193 students got full marks

48 students who participated in the exam from 193 different cities answered all questions correctly and received 500 full points. In the distribution where the scores ranged from 100 to 500, the rate of students who scored between 400-500 increased compared to the previous year. 9,93 percent of the students were in the range of 400-500 points. The most intense score range of the students was 56,04 percent and 200-299.

Girls are more successful

The report also examined the results about the relationship between the gender of students and their exam performance. Obtained findings; showed that in 2022, as in previous years, female students were more successful than male students in all subtests except mathematics.

Achievement increased in mathematics and science

In the exam, which was held after the academic year in which face-to-face education was continued uninterrupted, it was observed that the average number of correct answers in the mathematics and science subtests increased partially compared to 2021.

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How will LGS placements be made?

Local placement will be made by considering the type of schools, the quota of the schools, the secondary education registration area created according to the location of the schools, the residence addresses of the students, the presence of the students in secondary schools, the priority of preference, school success scores, attendance-absence and age criteria. Placement in schools that accept students with local placement will be made according to the quotas announced to secondary education institutions determined by the Provincial and District Directorates of National Education. Placement procedures will be carried out by the Ministry under the responsibility of the General Directorate and the provincial/district national education directorates to which the school is affiliated. will be evaluated according to school success scores, attendance-absence and age criteria.

In terms of preferred high school;

First stage; If the students choose a school from the "Registration Area" according to their residence address, from the students in the "Neighboring Registration Area" who prefer the same school; Students in the "Neighboring Registration Area" will also have an advantage over the students in the "Other" Registration Areas.

Second stage; According to the student studying at a secondary school in the "Registration Area" he is in, compared to the student studying at a secondary school in the "Neighboring Recording Area"; The student in the "Neighboring Registration Area" is also more advantageous than the student studying in the "Other" Registration Area. Students studying at a secondary school in the same Registry Area will be more advantageous than those who study less for a semester in a secondary school in the "Registration Area".

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