Does Sleep Training Affect Secure Attachment?

Does Sleep Training Affect Secure Attachment?
Does Sleep Training Affect Secure Attachment?

Specialist Psychologist Tuğçe Yılmaz gave important information about the subject. The ability to sleep at night is advantageous for children's physical growth. It is known that growth hormone is secreted most during sleep. In the absence of sleep, disadvantageous situations may occur in the development of many organs, muscle and bone structure in the child. It is also known that lack of sleep causes diabetes and obesity.

While sleep is so important, it is a fact that sleep training is the most effective way to regulate sleep. There is a polarization in our country regarding sleep training. While one side says that it damages the secure bond, the other side argues that there is no harm. Insomnia is a source of stress. The child who cannot sleep becomes restless during the day, and the sleepless mother becomes tense with the fatigue brought by the process. In this case, the relationship between mother and baby becomes abrasive after a while. An intolerant mother and a sleepless baby in front of her.

Do you think there can be a healthy relationship here?

One of the biggest complaints of parents; 'I realized from lack of sleep that I was starting to beat my baby up, raising my voice and scaring him'.

The other is; My wife and I broke up completely and our relationship is about to come to a dead end. Now let's think together: An unhappy mother, an unhappy father, an unhappy child equals an unhappy family, of course.

The secure attachment involves many dynamics; skin contact, playing games, expressing your love, communicating, self-care, listening to him, healthy parental relationship are important in establishing a secure bond. is far. Do you think any of the children who could not breastfeed their mother from the moment they were born could not establish a secure bond with their mother? Or is the child who cannot sleep with his mother until the age of 2 due to his mother's illness, is insecurely attached? Reducing the secure bond to a single process is a very limited view that does not overlap with the facts. If the sleeping arrangement is given by a person who is competent in the physical and psychological development of the baby, with the right steps, it will definitely not lead to bad results. By supporting the baby, he is taught transitions to sleep. It provides a good night's sleep. Daytime naps are arranged in the same way.

Ready to gain healthy sleep habit is very important. The fact that the mother is ready for the process is essential in terms of showing patience and determination in the process while getting rid of the supports gradually. If you are not ready for this process, I recommend that you do not wear your baby in vain. In the educational process, the first time babies react to change, even if the baby's reactions decrease in the process and adapt to the new method. When making this change, it is important that you spend the process of passing your baby before and to sleep in the room without leaving your baby alone and supporting according to your child's structure.

SLEEP is as vital a phenomenon as eating and drinking. So please take care of your sleep.

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