Does It Make Sense To Invest In The Norwegian Krone?

Norwegian Krone
Norwegian Krone

Norway's currency is the Norwegian Krone. The code of the krone in the foreign exchange market is NOK. Kron in the plural is Kroner divided into 100 Ore. Norwegian KronaIn April 2010, it became one of the thirteenth most traded currencies in the world by value. The Norwegian Krone is issued by the country's central bank, Norges Bank. The Norwegian Krone banknotes, which are also closely followed in Turkey, feature images of well-known Norwegians who have had an impact on the country's history. “Norwegian Krone investmentTopics such as ” are curious.

The Norwegian Krone differs according to instant, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. It cannot be understood that the currency of Norway, one of the richest countries in the world, is relatively worthless despite foreign currencies such as the Dollar and Euro. The general opinion is that Norway, which is oil-rich and dominates most of the world's fish markets, aims to protect its export market thanks to its low Norwegian Krone value. If you're like, "How much is the Norwegian Krone?" If so, keep reading our news!

What is Norwegian Wealth Fund?

Officially called the Global Government Pension Fund, the Norwegian Petroleum Fund has invested fossil fuel revenues in overseas fixed income assets, stocks and real estate since 1996 and continues to build a financial reserve for its citizens in the post-oil future. financial freedom The Norwegian Wealth Fund continues to grow!

The fund's official website has descriptions of its valuation, which currently hovers around $1,4 trillion, making it the world's largest wealth fund. According to official data, as of 2022, investments were made in 70 companies in 9338 countries.

In order to better explain the size of the fund;

  • It can be assumed that every Norwegian citizen has a personal investment portfolio worth $240.000,
  • The fund owns more than 1.5% of the world's tradable stocks,
  • The Oil Fund's return on investment was equal to 2020% of Norway's GDP in 32 alone.

Some analysis predicts that by 2030 the fund will be close to nearly $14 trillion, growing more than 9 times the value of Norway's GDP. To put it mathematically, it is expected to increase from 33% of GDP to 14 times, or 42 times increase. If these analyzes are realized, I find it impossible that the crown will not experience a dramatic increase.

Could the Crown Become a Global Currency?

The value of each currency is determined by its country's economic activity and interest rates. The Norwegian Krone is viewed as a safe currency, largely because Norway has no net debt. Previously, the krone was correlated with the oil price, although this correlation has decreased as Norway moves away from oil production, since crude oil and refined products accounted for 2018% of Norway's exports in 56,5 and the majority of these exports were made to Europe. currently the Norwegian krone seems to be driven by two main factors:

  • oil price,
  • Relative value of other European currencies.

The outbreak of war after Russia began invading Ukraine in late February caused especially gas and oil prices to rise. Meanwhile, talks are underway on a potential hydrogen pipeline connecting Norway to Germany, and the gas pipeline co-built with Poland could start operating this year. After the increase in oil revenues and investments in other countries or the conversion of these revenues to Norwegian krone, the krone may increase in value compared to other currencies.

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