Different Colors of Seferihisar Will Meet at Günışığı Art Garden

Different Colors of Seferihisar Will Meet in the Sunlight Art Garden
Different Colors of Seferihisar Will Meet at Günışığı Art Garden

Günışığı Art Garden, which will host international cultural and artistic events and artists, started its activities in Seferihisar. Aiming to bring different colors together, Ekrem Gün, the founder of Günışığı Art Garden, and AK Party Seferihisar District President Ahmet Aydın came together at the Art Center and discussed the cultural and artistic activities in Seferihisar.

Günışığı Art Garden, which was established in Seferihisar with the idea of ​​developing cultural and artistic activities and supporting art and artists, opened its doors to art lovers with international events. AK Party Seferihisar District President Ahmet Aydın, who visited the Art Garden, said, “I wish Mr. Ekrem Gün, who we know with his art-loving personality who designed such a beautiful environment, ease in his works that add value to our district. I recommend this beautiful place to all my art lovers and friends.” Emphasizing that Günışığı Art Garden is a valuable space where people from different views can share ideas, President Aydın said, “Günışığı Art Garden is an environment in the heart of Seferihisar, which brings together different colors and is intertwined with culture and art.”

“City will create awareness”

On cultural and artistic activities, urban consciousness, urban culture and democracy in Seferihisar sohbet Chairman Aydın and Gün talked about the importance of creating a city awareness in Seferihisar. The Founder of Günışığı Art Garden, Ekrem Günışığı, touched upon the unifying nature of Günışığı Art Garden and said, “People with very different ideas living in the city should come together here and talk about culture, art and philosophy. sohbet let them, made in the Art Garden sohbetWe want urban problems to be discussed in the future and contribute to the formation of a common urban consciousness”. Expressing that the reopening of the Art Garden, which was opened in 2014 and took a break from its activities in the past years, is a valuable step in serving the arts and culture in Seferihisar, Mayor Aydın said, “In the previous years, the Art Garden hosted many valuable local and foreign artists and brought them together with art lovers. . Seferihisar had been longing for this for a while. The reopening of the Art Garden is an important development for art in Seferihisar and even in Izmir.”

Stating that the Art Garden is a place where people from Seferihisar can come together, have a good time and organize events, in addition to cultural and artistic activities, Ekrem Gün said, “We wanted to create an area that creates value for the city where NGOs and citizens can come together. We believe that Günışığı Art Garden will be a good start for urban democracy, and will host important steps in the development of Seferihisar's urban consciousness and in forming an opinion on urban problems.”

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