Data Security Investments Required in the Health Sector

Data Security Investments Required in the Health Sector
Data Security Investments Required in the Health Sector

📩 29/06/2022 13:44

According to the Veeam Data Protection Trends Report 2022, the healthcare industry has an availability and protection gap, so necessary steps need to be taken regarding data security.

Veeam® Software, a leader in backup, recovery and data management solutions that provide Modern Data Protection, has revealed that the gap between healthcare business expectations and IT service delivery is at its highest level in the last five years. According to the Veeam Data Protection Trends Report 2022, companies in the healthcare industry have an “availability gap” (96%) between the expected Service Level Agreement (SLA) and how quickly IT can return to productivity. The highest rate among all industries participating in this survey. In addition, there is a “protection gap” (93%) between how much data organizations can afford to lose and how often data is protected. This shows how dire the healthcare industry is, given that 7/24 access to critical data is essential for the delivery and safety of patient care.

Kürşad Sezgin, Veeam Turkey Country Manager, said, “In the healthcare industry, we see data growing in terms of speed, volume and value. Therefore, healthcare organizations must have a robust Modern Data Protection strategy that allows them to seamlessly store, protect, restore, recover, access and manage their data.” said.

Sezgin said, “It is imperative to ensure the availability of all critical data, wherever it is located. Interruptions and gaps in service delivery directly affect the quality of patient care. However, Veeam Data Protection Report 2022 showed how bad the “availability gap” between the industry's expected SLA and how quickly IT teams can return to productivity. This is quite worrying. IT in healthcare is not meeting data protection goals.” made statements.

While many organizations' dissatisfaction with data dependency and the status quo is at an all-time high, the rapid modernization of production environments has forced these organizations to admit that protection methods are not moving at the same pace. On the positive side, healthcare organizations are willing to increase their data protection budgets. The report shows that healthcare organizations participating in the report expect their data protection budget, including backup, business continuity and disaster recovery, to increase by 2022% on the global average in 4,9.

This increase in investment is very positive for the healthcare industry, with the data loss tolerance difference between 'high priority' and 'normal priority' data being in the 'one hour or less' category for both data types. It can be considered a logical progression to enable Modern Data Protection, especially for complex, often cloud-hosted production workloads on which the industry depends.

Veeam Data Protection Report 2022 was prepared by an independent research firm with data collected between October and December 2021. More than 2022 IT decision makers and IT professionals were surveyed on 3.000 IT and data protection drivers and strategies. In the survey, which included 28 countries and included 399 kuruş from the health sector, almost all participants were from organizations with more than 1000 employees. To its complete global report covering all industries “” can be accessed at.

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