Cheap and Healthy City Restaurants Are Coming to Istanbul

Cheap and Healthy City Restaurants Are Coming to Istanbul
Cheap and Healthy City Restaurants Are Coming to Istanbul

IMM is implementing one of the best examples of Social Municipality. It will now be easier for the people of Istanbul, especially students and low-income workers, to have access to cheap and healthy food, who are trying to cope with the harsh economic conditions. One of the promises of Mayor İmamoğlu, the first of the city restaurants opens in Çapa. In order to facilitate the public's access to cheap and quality food, city restaurants will soon begin to serve in many districts of Istanbul.

The first of the Kent Restaurants, where healthy, high quality and affordable meals will be offered to the people of Istanbul, opens. It is aimed to expand the Kent restaurants throughout Istanbul in a short time, which will touch the lives of low-income people, especially students and employees.

Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Ekrem İmamoğluis implementing one of the exemplary projects of social municipality. 'Kent Restaurants', one of the promises of Mayor İmamoğlu, is starting its services to support the daily meal expenses of low-income Istanbulites, especially students and workers. The first city restaurant to offer healthy, delicious and affordable meals to the public, on 17 June in Çapa, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality President Ekrem İmamoğlu will be opened by


Having experienced firsts in the history of women's employment, IMM will employ female personnel in Capa Kent Restaurant. The 10-man staff will all be women. The project, which alleviates the daily food cost of the low-income, will also provide employment opportunities for women.


In the hygienic kitchens of the IMM Logistics Support Center, four kinds of dishes carefully prepared by experienced chefs will be served to the people of Istanbul in city restaurants every day. Anyone who wishes will be able to get the meals to be served in the table d'hôte style at affordable prices. 12.00 people a day will be able to eat at Capa Kent Restaurant, which will be open between 20.00 and 500.


The second Kent Restaurant will be opened in Bağcılar. Bagcilar Kent Lokantasi, which is ready for opening, will soon begin to serve in Bagcilar Square. İBB also continues its preparations to bring new city restaurants to Istanbul. Kent Restaurants, which will be opened in different parts of the city in the future, will bring affordable meals to Istanbulites with the assurance of IMM.

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